One Year Into NYC Gas Ban, Industry Pros, Electeds Push for All-Electric Building Act

With Heating Costs On The Rise, Activists Celebrate All-Electric Cost Savings

Published Dec 15, 2022


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With Heating Costs On The Rise, Activists Celebrate All-Electric Cost Savings

With Heating Costs On The Rise, Activists Celebrate All-Electric Cost Savings

Brooklyn, NY — Today, one year after passage of New York City’s nation-leading ban on fossil fuels in new buildings, industry professionals, elected officials and activists held a press conference on the cost savings from all-electric buildings. With heating costs on the rise, speakers called on Governor Hochul to include the All-Electric Building Act in her budget, requiring all-electric new construction statewide.

The All-Electric Building Act (S6843C/A8431B) has 80 co-sponsors in the New York State Senate and Assembly. Under the bill, all new construction statewide would be required to be all-electric beginning in 2024 for buildings under seven stories, 2027 for larger buildings, mirroring the New York City law enacted in December 2021. Governor Hochul included language to mandate all-electric new construction in her budget last year, and her Climate Action Council endorsed the move off of fossil fuels in its draft plan. Passage of the All-Electric Building Act would make New York the first state to comprehensively end fossil fuels in new buildings by law. Each year, tens of thousands of new buildings are constructed in New York state.

This winter, New York utilities are warning about double digit rate increases in home energy costs far exceeding those of the national average (28%) — Con Edison has warned of a 32% rate increase and National Grid predicts a 39% spike in heating bills this winter. With home heating prices on the rise, a new analysis by Win Climate shows that under the All-Electric Building Act, families living in new homes could save an average of nearly $1,000 per year in heating costs. 

“Gas and oil isn’t just wrecking the climate—it’s wrecking our wallets too. Every new building that’s connected to fossil gas makes us poorer, sicker and worsens the climate catastrophe,” said Assemblymember Emily Gallagher. “One year after New York City enacted a necessary and achievable timeline for ending the fossil fuel era in new construction, it’s time for the rest of the state to get onboard. No more excuses, no more delays.”

Alex Beauchamp, Food & Water Watch Northeast Region Director said:

“Fossil fuel prices are dangerously volatile and increasingly unaffordable. Simply put, New Yorkers are paying more to pollute our homes and worsen climate change. Every new building with fossil fuels locks residents into this outrageous price gouging, and digs a deeper climate hole. Governor Hochul understands the importance of electrifying our buildings — it’s time we make that understanding law. Governor Hochul must prioritize cost savings for New Yorkers and bold climate action by including the All-Electric Building Act in her budget and fighting for its prompt passage in the new year.”

“Building all-electric is a win-win-win. As an independent contractor, my business relies on building quality homes for happy clients — all-electric homes deliver just that, offering healthier and safer homes that save money and eliminate pollution,” said Jon Pope, Contractor and Food & Water Watch volunteer. “For too long, the construction industry has contributed to the climate crisis. With the All-Electric Building Act, we can revolutionize our sector, creating green jobs and building a better future for New York. Governor Hochul must include the All-Electric Building Act in her budget. We’re ready to get started.”

“New York City took bold action last year by banning fossil fuels in new buildings and now the state has an opportunity to follow suit and establish New York as a leader in the fight against climate change,” said AJ Pires, President of Alloy Development. “Building electrification not only reduces pollution and promotes energy efficiency, but it also provides cost-saving benefits for buildings and residents — a true win for all. We were proud to call for action today alongside fellow activists at 100 Flatbush, the city’s first all-electric skyscraper, and encourage our industry to continue doing its part in creating a more sustainable future for all.” 

“While many New Yorkers struggle to stay warm and put food on the table, National Grid and other fossil fuel companies are spending millions to lobby against clean, affordable energy. But all-electric buildings are not a pie-in-the-sky dream of progressive environmentalists – they are a practical, cost effective solution to fighting climate change and housing New Yorkers,” said Brynn Fuller-Becker with New Yorkers for Clean Power. “Governor Hochul needs to include the All-Electric Building Act and the Affordable Energy Act in her budget next month, to start saving New Yorkers money and saving the climate now.”

“New York State should be leading the way on forward-thinking ways to fight climate change, rather than ceding ground to the polluting fossil fuel industry. The All-Electric Building Act will help New York break its dependence on fossil fuels and help struggling New Yorkers access more affordable home heating options. I stand with Assemblymember Gallagher, my colleagues, and advocates in urging the Governor to include this critical initiative in the upcoming state budget,” said Assemblymember Jo Anne Simon.

“It’s beyond time New York got serious about lowering our emissions to combat climate change and the All-Electric Building Act is a common sense step in the right direction, a step that the legislature must take immediately. No more excuses, no more delays, and no more half-measures,” said Assemblymember Phara Souffrant Forrest.

State Senator Brad Hoylman said, “If New York is to truly tackle our current climate crisis, fossil fuels must become a thing of the past. Not only are they disastrous for our environment, they are driving our affordability crisis. As we are seeing this winter, New Yorkers will be forced to endure crippling utility bill increases due to the price gouging of fossil fuel companies. The All-Electric Building Act will put needed change back into the pockets of hurting New Yorkers while also creating sustainable infrastructure for our city. I join the coalition of building industry professionals, elected officials, activists in calling for the Act to be in next year’s statewide budget.”

“It is crucial that we move away from fossil fuels to renewable energy statewide,” said State Senator-Elect Kristen Gonzalez. “This bill will reduce the amount of  pollution that buildings create, it will expand increased energy efficiency, lowering costs for buildings and residents. I support the All-Electric Building Act, and encourage Governor Hochul to include this in her budget in order to meet this pivotal moment in battling climate change.”

“Last year, New York City became the largest city in the country to mandate all-electric new construction — a move aligned with the recommendations of global climate scientists, and one New York State must soon adopt if we are to meet our climate law mandates,” said Liz Moran, New York Policy Advocate with Earthjustice. “Not only is the technology fully ready and capable for all-electric buildings across the state regardless of climate, but building electrification will also save New Yorkers from the rising costs of dirty fossil fuels. Governor Hochul should not hesitate to include the All-Electric Building Act in her 2023 budget.”

Event recording available here.

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