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Published Jun 18, 2020

Take Action

Educate. Organize. Protect.

It will take everyone, working together, to protect our food, water and climate. You can be a part of this movement by getting involved with Food & Water Watch, because the most powerful thing standing in the way of the destruction of our resources is YOU.

3 Ways You Can Take Action NOW

Lend A Hand

We need volunteers like you to rally support for important campaigns nationwide to save our food, water, and climate. 

Protect Our Water

Shutting off water can be a matter of life and death. Support the Water Act to keep millions connected to affordable, safe water service.

Ban Factory Farms

Factory farms hurt small farmers, animals, and the environment, and endanger consumers. There’s a better way.

Let’s Connect

Your involvement is crucial. Sign up with Food & Water Watch today to find out about breaking news, including how you can fight back against environmental attacks.

Boost the fight

Your support fuels the work to protect food, water, and air, and to fight climate change by banning fossil fuels. Members like you make these wins possible.

$50 / mo.
$30 / mo.
$20 / mo.
$15 / mo.
$10 / mo.

Roll Up Your Sleeves

We need your help.
Are you ready to be a part of the solution and fight like you live here?

Fight like you live here.


Make a gift to ban factory farms ~and have it matched $2-to-$1!