Ways to Give

Published Aug 17, 2020

Ways to Give

We need your help to protect our food, water and climate. We turn down corporate donations — our loyalty will always be to our members, supporters and our mission for a livable planet.

The Food & Water Watch Effect

Donors like you power real change on the issues you care about most.

  • 1.2 Million members and supporters
  • 50+ state and local campaigns to stop or shut down fossil fuel extraction and infrastructure, including fracking.
  • 20 active lawsuits against polluters like JBS and Tyson, and against the EPA, USDA, FERC and other agencies who need to do more to protect our resources.

Explore More Ways You Can Give

    Give Now

    Fight for bold, uncompromising solutions to protect our food, water and climate. Donate today.

    Your support puts polluters on the ropes.

    Continuously fuel the fight to protect our planet. Become a member today!

    You can be the steady heartbeat of our fight.
  • 4. Stock

    Make a gift of stock. Your bank or broker can assist you with giving gifts of stock to Food & Water Watch.

    Your stock can create a livable future for generations to come.
    In Tribute to

    Celebrate your loved ones by making a gift in their name to protect our planet.

    Fuel the fight to protect our planet today.
  • 6. Make A Legacy Gift
    Make A Legacy Gift

    Make a gift that ensures a future for generations to come.

    Your legacy protects our planet.

  • 7. Donor Advised Funds Giving
    Donor Advised Funds Gifts

    Find out how to easily direct a gift to Food & Water Watch from your Donor Advised Fund.

    Use this easy way to make a big impact.

  • 7. Workplace Giving
    Workplace Giving

    Does your employer offer matching gifts for your charitable contributions?

    Make the most of your employer’s perks.
Invest in a Livable Future today!

Become a member today and have your gift matched $1-to-$1!