Meet Our Team

Learn about the people who lead our fight to protect our food, water, and climate.

  • Aimee Travis

    Oregon Organizer

    Portland, OR

  • Alex Beauchamp

    Northeast Region Director

    New York, NY

  • Alexa Moore

    New Mexico Organizer

    Taos, NM

  • Alx Pareja

    Data Analyst

    Vancouver, WA

  • Amanda Byrnes

    Digital Campaign Manager

    Washington, DC

  • Amanda Starbuck

    Research Director

    Washington, DC

  • Andrea Vega

    Senior Southern California Organizer

    Los Angeles, CA

  • Angie Aker

    Senior Digital Content Manager

    Kenosha, WI

  • Arianna Chopelas

    Senior Social Media Manager

    Reno, NV

  • Becca Ligrani

    Grant Writer

    Tuscaloosa, AL

  • Ben Murray

    Senior Researcher

    Nashville, TN

  • Brooke Ward

    Senior Florida Organizer

    St. Petersburg, FL

  • Charlie Kratovil

    Central Jersey Organizer

    New Brunswick, NJ

  • Chirag Bhakta

    California Director

    San Francisco, CA

  • Christina Holtzen

    Digital Design Lead

    Keller, TX

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  • Dani Replogle

    Staff Attorney

    Minneapolis, MN

  • Emily Miller

    Staff Attorney

    Longmont, CO

  • Emily Skydel

    Hudson Valley Senior Organizer

    New York, NY

  • Emily Tucker

    New Mexico Organizer

    Albuquerque, NM

  • Emma Petit

    Manager of Digital Membership and Advocacy

    Chicago, IL

  • Enrico Donda

    FWA Europe Campaigner

    Brussels, Belgium

  • Eric Weltman

    New York Senior Organizer

    New York, NY

  • Erin Doran

    Senior Staff Attorney

    Kingston, NY

  • Frida Kieninger

    Director of EU Affairs

    Brussels, Belgium

    Frida Kieninger is a Brussels-based Food & Water Europe campaign officer promoting a ban on fracking in Europe. Working with local European groups and US-based researchers, she raises awareness of the countless risks of hydraulic fracturing. After completing her master’s thesis on intensive agriculture in southern Spain, Frida became involved with issues concerning the European food system as well as the transition to a sustainable energy system, community energy and questions of climate justice. She has dealt with various food and energy issues in the context of EU institutions and Brussels NGOs. To contact her, email her at fkieninger(at)fweurope(dot)org.

  • Ginny Kerslake

    Eastern Pennsylvania Organizer

    West Whiteland Township, PA

  • Isabel Penman

    Northern California Organizer

    San Francisco, CA

  • Jane Fiegen Green

    Director of Philanthropy Operations

    Washington, DC

  • Jennifer Breon

    Iowa Organizer

    Iowa City, IA

  • Jennifer Kolarsick

    Manager of Philanthropic Discovery

    New Brunswick, NJ

  • Jim Walsh

    Policy Director

    Washington, DC

  • Jocelyn Sawyer

    Digital Campaigner

    Philadelphia, PA

  • Joelle Whiteman

    Southwest Pennsylvania Organizer

    Elizabeth, PA

  • John Aspray

    Senior New Jersey Organizer

    Somerset, NJ

  • Johnte Lee

    Human Resources Generalist

    Washington, DC

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  • Jomar Lloyd

    Maryland Organizer

    New Carrollton, MD

  • Jorge Aguilar

    Southern Region Director

    Washington, DC

  • Josef Boraei

    FWA Europe Network Developer

    Brussels, Belgium

  • Kat Ruane


    Chicago, IL

  • Kate Delany

    Senior Organizer

    Collingswood, NJ

  • Kate Schwanhausser

    Senior Manager of Philanthropy Events

    Washington, DC

  • Katie Stanovick

    Manager of Individual Philanthropy

    New York, NY

  • Katy Kiefer

    Volunteer Engagement Director

    Emmaus, PA

    Katy Kiefer is the Distributed Organizing Director at Food & Water Watch and Food & Water Action. The Distributed Organizing team engages with volunteers and students across the country to fight for clean water, safe food and a liveable climate. Katy and her team provide trainings, resources, and opportunities to engage in critical and urgent campaigns at the local, state and national level. Prior to joining the Food & Water Watch team in 2010, Katy completed the Green Corps program for environmental organizing and advocacy, and then worked with Green Corps as a Lead Organizer. She graduated from Saint Joseph’s University with a B.S. in environmental science and a minor in faith-justice studies. She can be reached at kkiefer(at)

  • Keya Meshesha

    Philanthropy Associate

    Washington, DC

  • Kilian Sweeney

    Web Developer

    Chicago, IL

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  • Kim Girton

    Senior Graphic Design Lead

    Washington, DC

  • Krissy Kasserman

    Factory Farm Organizing Director

    Atkinson, NC

    Krissy Kasserman is Food & Water Watch’s Factory Farm Organizing Manager and is based in Atkinson, NC. Krissy oversees our factory farm organizing and campaign work in several states and at the federal level as we work toward a ban on factory farms and a safer, more sustainable and equitable food system. Prior to joining Food & Water Watch in 2017, Krissy spent 11 years in Pennsylvania as the Youghiogheny Riverkeeper working on coal, fracking and public lands issues. She has a M.P.S. in Community and Economic Development from Penn State and can be reached at kkasserman(at)

  • Kristen Anderson

    Director of Donor Engagement & Digital Philanthropy

    Harbor, FL

  • Laura Shindell

    Senior New York Organizer

    New York, NY

  • Lena Negri

    Office Administrator

    Washington, DC

  • Lilli DiPaola

    Oregon Organizer

    Beaverton, OR

  • Madeline Bove

    Media Relations Officer

    Sun Valley, CA

  • Madeline Kelsey

    Sr Manager of Donor Engagement

    Richmond, VA

  • Martin Novikov

    Human Resources Director

    St. Petersburg, FL

  • Martin Osborne

    IT Director

    Washington, DC

  • Mary Grant

    Public Water For All Director

    Baltimore, MD

  • Matt Smith

    New Jersey State Director

    New Brunswick, NJ

  • Megan McDonough

    Pennsylvania State Director

    Pittsburgh, PA

  • Melody College

    Digital Strategist

    Falmouth, MA

  • Mia DiFelice

    Digital Editor

    Easton, PA

  • Michaelyn Mankel

    Iowa Organizer

    Des Moines, IA

  • Michelle Allen

    Volunteer Network Deputy Director

    Atlanta, GA

  • Miho Suzuki-Robinson

    Donor Communications Manager

    Indianapolis, IN

  • Mikindra Morin

    Factory Farm Organizing Manager

    Livingston, MT

  • Monica Stickley

    Salesforce Support Specialist

    Tampa, FL

  • Murtala Sada

    Accounting Manager

    Washington, DC

  • Natalie Balbuena


    Washington, DC

  • Nisha Swinton

    Senior Organizer

    New York, NY

  • Noah Grace Bauman

    Director of Foundation Relations

    Los Angeles, CA

  • Oakley Shelton-Thomas

    Senior Researcher

    Arlington, MA

  • Peter Hart

    National Communications Manager

    New Brunswick, NJ

  • Phoebe Galt

    Sr Media Relations Officer

    Portland, ME

  • Rebecca Wolf

    Senior Food Policy Analyst

    Washington, DC

  • Renee Jones

    Jr Salesforce System Administrator

    Virginia Beach, VA

  • Robin Lesko

    Senior Organizer

    Pittsburgh, PA

  • Sam Bernhardt

    Political Director

    New York, NY

  • Sam DiFalco

    North Jersey Organizer

    New Brunswick, NJ

  • Santosh Nandabalan

    Senior New York Organizer

    New York, NY

  • Seth Gladstone

    Media and Public Relations Director

    New York, NY

  • Shakalia Talley

    Junior Systems Administrator

    Washington, DC

  • Shannon Jones

    Sr Manager of Individual Philanthropy

    Chicago, IL

  • Shelley Sherman

    Lead Finance Associate

    Washington, DC

  • Tarah Heinzen

    Legal Director

    Portland, OR

  • Thomas Meyer

    Organizing Projects Director

    Seattle, WA

  • Tomás Morales Rebecchi

    Central Coast Organizing Manager

    Ventura, CA

  • Trent Macintosh

    IT Operations Administrator

    Washington, DC

  • Tyler Lobdell

    Staff Attorney

    Boise, ID

    Tyler Lobdell joined Food & Water Watch’s legal team as a staff attorney in 2019, and focuses on combating factory farms through legal advocacy. Prior to joining Food & Water Justice, Tyler spent two years as the Animal Legal Defense Fund’s Food Law Fellow. A long-time environmentalist, Tyler spent almost 10 years leading conservation programs across the U.S. before attending law school.

    Tyler graduated cum laude from Lewis & Clark Law School in 2017 with certificates in Environmental and Natural Resources Law as well as Animal Law. During school he worked for several environmental protection organizations and served as Co-Editor in Chief of the Animal Law Review. Tyler works remotely in Boise, Idaho. He can be reached at [email protected].

  • Val McMonagle

    Western PA Organizer

    Bethel Park, PA

  • Yonit Friedman

    Social Media Coordinator

    New York, NY


Published May 11, 2020