NY State of Emergency Cancels Climate Rally in Albany

Stop Danskammer Coalition activists from the Hudson Valley and Capitol Region cancel Albany rally


Climate and Energy

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As a record-breaking bomb cyclone, super-charged by climate change, hits the West Coast, Governor Hochul has issued a state of emergency for the fast-approaching storm predicted to rock New York with more flash flooding mere weeks after Hurricane Ida ripped through the state, killing more than a dozen people.

Activists opposed to fossil fuel infrastructure in the state are postponing their planned rally, slated for this afternoon in Albany. Activists from the Stop Danskammer Coalition had planned to deliver thousands of citizen petitions demanding Governor Hochul deny the proposed Danskammer fracked gas plant its permits, but will remain at home instead, given the dangerous approaching storm. Activists will deliver petitions at a later date.

In response, Hudson Valley Organizer Emily Skydel issued the following statement:

“The irony of cancelling a climate rally in order to stay safe in a climate change-induced weather event, is not lost on us. Climate change is here, making our storms more frequent and more dangerous. Governor Hochul has it within her power to stop the fossil fuels driving this crisis, starting with denying Danskammer, Astoria NRG and the Gowanus fracked gas plants their required permits. How many more storms will it take?”

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