New Report Finds U.S. Will Be World’s Largest LNG Exporter Under Biden; FL Communities at Risk

Florida coastal communities at increased safety risk as statewide LNG industry expands


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A new report issued yesterday from Global Witness found that the US is “set to become the world’s top exporter of liquefied fossil gas by 2023, on Biden’s watch.” Despite President Biden’s climate rhetoric, his administration has failed to stop the production, use, transport and export of fossil fuels including fracked gas. States like Florida are ground zero for much of that LNG infrastructure, with five existing LNG operations and proposals for at least four more.

In response to the report, Food & Water Watch Southern Region Deputy Director Michelle Allen issued the following statement:

“President Biden’s climate leadership is failing Florida. The very coastlines most at risk from rising sea levels have become ground zero for LNG transport and export expansion. Make no mistake — LNG is fracked gas, plain and simple. The expected growth of LNG exports in the coming years is a threat to public safety in Florida, where residents are already involved in a dangerous bomb train experiment.

The Florida East Coast Railway (FEC) is transporting the highly flammable LNG on the same tracks as passenger cars, to meet growing demand for shipments and export at state ports. Earlier this year, the Biden administration announced a temporary suspension of LNG transport by rail to allow time to fix hastily made rules under the Trump administration, citing safety risks — but he must go further. For Biden to make good on his climate commitments at home and abroad, he must make the temporary suspension of LNG transport by rail permanent and he must stop all LNG operations.”

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