Speaker Heastie Claims to “Want to Do Some Environmental Things.” Here’s What He Should Do Now.

Published May 30, 2024


Climate and Energy

Today, Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie, in response to a question about the Climate Superfund Act, stated “we do want to do some environmental things” in the remaining days of the legislative session. In response, Food & Water Watch Senior Organizer Laura Shindell issued the following statement:

“It’s great that Speaker Heastie wants to do some ‘environmental things’ before the end of session. New York’s climate and clean energy movement has made very clear what those things should be. Heastie should follow the lead of the state Senate and pass the NY HEAT Act and the Climate Superfund Act now, to slash pollution, lower electricity bills and put our state on a real path to 100 percent clean, renewable energy once and for all.”

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Press Contact: Seth Gladstone [email protected]