Biden Budget Fails to Fully Confront Fossil Fuels 

It is not enough to merely invest more in renewables; we must directly take on the fossil fuel industry.


Climate and Energy

The White House released its budget proposal today, which outlines a vision for an array of programs, including the administration’s clean energy and climate priorities.

In response, Food & Water Watch Policy Director Mitch Jones issued the following statement:

“While President Biden’s budget proposal rightly aims to cut several billion dollars in fossil fuel tax credits, by increasing funding for fossil fuel derived hydrogen and for carbon capture utilization and sequestration for fossil fuels, the budget does not provide the bold move away from fossil fuels that our climate crisis requires. Congress must build on this proposal and do better. The federal government needs to be serious about leading a fair and just transition of our economy off fossil fuels and into the truly renewable energy future. It is not enough to merely invest more in renewables, we must also and at the same time directly take on the fossil fuel industry.”