We Must End Fossil Fuels

Fossil fuel production and usage is one of the leading drivers of climate change. It's up to us to lead a transition away from this environmental threat.


Climate and Energy

Climate chaos is the biggest threat known to humanity. But timid policymakers are afraid to take the actions they know are needed to stop it. Meanwhile, corporations push to drill every last cent of profit from their dying industry. They peddle a range of fake climate solutions meant to maximize profits while delaying real action to stop climate change.

Fracking’s Bridge to Nowhere

Fracking is promoted by Big Oil and Gas as a “bridge fuel.” In reality, fracking prolongs our dependence on fossil fuels. The huge capital investment necessary to develop wells and the infrastructure to support the industry will lock us into using natural gas for decades. And producing and distributing fracked gas releases vast amounts of methane — an even more potent greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide. Fracking shills ignore the reality that clean, efficient  renewables are ready to go today — no bridge needed.

Be a part of the movement to save our planet from fossil fuels and the climate catastrophes they cause.

Fighting False Climate Solutions

Food & Water Watch fights to make sure our environmental laws are strengthened, not weakened by letting the “market” decide if we should have a clean and healthy future. Decisions on our energy future shouldn’t be left to greedy fossil fuel corporations and  Wall Street speculators. 

Rather than relying on fake climate solutions and hard to understand schemes, Food & Water Watch fights for the policies we really need. Let’s keep fossil fuels in the ground and immediately shift to clean, efficient renewables.