Gov. Newsom Fails on Real Climate Action, Once Again

“Newsom must immediately halt all new drilling and fracking – this is the action required to protect California and the planet.”


Climate and Energy

Los Angeles – This morning Governor Newsom announced a new climate and energy initiative that included long-term restrictions on gasoline-powered vehicles and a nonbinding pronouncement regarding long-term restrictions on fracking. In response, Food & Water Action California Director Alexandra Nagy issued the following statement:

“Governor Newsom has once again missed the point when it comes to real climate action. In order to stem the devastating impacts of greenhouse gas emissions, we must halt new fossil fuel drilling and fracking now, not later. Gov. Newsom just doesn’t get it, or he apparently doesn’t care.

“Today’s announcements are infuriatingly more of the same from Newsom: lofty words and predictions, but no meaningful action. He has repeatedly vowed to protect our communities, air and water from toxic oil and gas operations, yet drilling in the state has expanded under his watch. To be taken seriously as a climate and environmental defender, Governor Newsom must immediately halt permitting for all new fossil fuel drilling and fracking and implement a 2,500-foot buffer zone from existing oil and gas operations around all homes and schools. Only this would constitute the type of bold action required to protect Californians and our planet.”

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