Stop Water Shutoffs In The Wake Of Coronavirus

Published Apr 21, 2020


Clean Water

Looking for a way to help stop the spread of coronavirus? One of the most straightforward paths is by making sure everyone has running water so they can wash their hands.

Looking for a way to help stop the spread of coronavirus? One of the most straightforward paths is by making sure everyone has running water so they can wash their hands.

Too many people across the country can’t wash their hands because their water service is turned off. This endangers all of us, especially when the most widely endorsed strategy to prevent or manage the coronavirus (COVID-19) is to wash our hands frequently. 

Water must be turned on for everyone, right now, for the safety of the entire country. That’s why we’re pushing both Congress in their stimulus package and Governors at the state level — demanding that they stop all water shutoffs  and enact long-term solutions that will ensure our water systems are funded.

This emergency has proven one thing: Withholding water costs lives and it’s time our representatives stepped up to protect us.

Two Easy Things You Can Do Right Now To Help Stop Water Shutoffs During Coronavirus

Here are two immediate ways to do something about water shutoffs in your community and nationwide.

1. Tell President Biden: No water shutoffs during a pandemic! 

2. Urge members of Congress to cosponsor the WATER Act

We Can Stop Water Shutoffs Amid This Pandemic

By taking action you can be a part of the amazing response from people all across the US demanding water shutoffs in their state and around the country. Together with 53,000 of our supporters signing on to our actions, we’ve:

  • Stopped water shutoffs in 15 states and DC. 
  • Helped 663 local jurisdictions suspend all water shutoffs for nonpayment, 
  • Protected 206 million Americans – that’s 63% of the U.S. population. 
  • Found that the top 10 cities with the most water shutoffs, as found in our national survey conducted in 2018, are now among the places that have paused shutoffs.
  • Coordinated with 80 members of congress joined our movement and released a letter (headlined by Rep. Brenda Lawrence) demanding federal action on water. 
  • Joined more than 230 environmental, social justice, labor, and religious organizations from across the country sending a sister a letter echoing the demands. 
  • Worked with more than 830 groups to send a letter to Congress also pushing for federal action on water, along with protections for electricity and broadband connectivity access. 

You can check to see every city, state, and utility that has taken action to provide water for all on our public spreadsheet with live updates.  

States That Are Showing The Nation How It’s Done

Some states have been responding faster than others. Here’s are some of the top grassroots movements that have formed to push for water justice during the pandemic:

Washington State: Governor Inslee does the right thing in Washington state. 

Maryland: Groups urge Baltimore Mayor Young to suspend water shutoffs for 180 days.

Pennsylvania: Governor Wolf must stop water shutoffs in Pennsylvania. 

Ohio: Ohio passes legislation strongly supporting rights to water — now Governor DeWine MUST sign it.

New Jersey: Governor Murphy pushes utilities to stop shutoffs in New Jersey. 

Louisiana: New Orleans has one of the highest shutoff rates in the nation — suspend shutoffs during coronavirus!

Read About Suspending Water Shutoffs To Fight Coronavirus

Here is more of our analysis around the need for an immediate suspension of water shutoffs. 

Coronavirus has brought a major warning about our water. 

House Democrats urge state and local governments to suspend water shutoffs and restore water.

We need a national ban on water shutoffs!

Other Ways To Help Protect Water

Our efforts are starting to work, but we need to keep pushing. Consider becoming a monthly donor to support fights like this one. We need your help to keep pushing!

Help support our campaigns, like keeping the water on for families nationwide. Become a monthly donor now!

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