60+ NY Electeds Call On Gov. Hochul To Stop Algonquin Pipeline Expansion

Enbridge’s “Project Maple” proposal would expand fracked gas infrastructure against the intent of New York’s climate law

Published Jun 17, 2024


Climate and Energy

Enbridge’s “Project Maple” proposal would expand fracked gas infrastructure against the intent of New York’s climate law

Enbridge’s “Project Maple” proposal would expand fracked gas infrastructure against the intent of New York’s climate law

Cortlandt, NY — At a rally this morning, 69 state and local elected officials delivered a letter calling on Governor Hochul to take an early stance against Enbridge’s dangerous proposed fracked gas pipeline expansion, dubbed Project Maple, by committing to denying any upcoming permits for the project.

The proposal would significantly expand the amount of fracked gas transmitted through the Algonquin Pipeline, contrary to the intent of New York’s climate law which mandates greenhouse gas emissions reductions of at least 85 percent by 2050 and the state’s nation-leading ban on fossil fuels in new buildings, which will go into effect in 2026.

Last fall, at a rally outside the shuttered Indian Point nuclear site, feet from the Algonquin pipeline’s path, New Yorkers delivered a letter from more than 90 environmental groups urging elected officials to take a stand against the destructive project.

Food & Water Watch Senior NY Organizer Santosh Nandabalan said:

“The clock is ticking to move New York off fossil fuels, and make good on our landmark climate law. Enbridge’s fracked gas expansion proposal will take us in the wrong direction. We are proud to stand with elected officials throughout New York in demanding Governor Hochul come out against this dangerous project. Hochul must commit to denying all state permits for Enbridge’s last ditch fossil fuel expansion.”

State Assemblywoman Dana Levenberg (95th District) said, “Why would we build infrastructure that will be obsolete before the end of its life? As renewable options become less expensive and easier to choose, more and more consumers are rejecting outdated dirty energy options. We need to have the courage to reject fossil fuel industry lies and say no to things like Project Maple. We have a state law, the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act, that actually obligates us to do this. We cannot take this step backward; we must push forward with building our renewable energy future, where we will see lower costs and cleaner air and water.”

State Assemblymember MaryJane Shimsky (92nd District) said: “I join my government colleagues, environmental groups, and citizens throughout New York — and up the East Coast from New Jersey to Massachusetts — in opposing the proposed enlargement of the Algonquin Gas Transmission Line. This project would pose new risks to our environment and local communities, including those near Indian Point, and would put New York that much farther from meeting its climate goals. I urge Governor Hochul to protect the progress we have made in reducing our reliance on fossil fuels, and deny Enbridge the permits needed for any further expansion of the Algonquin pipeline.”

State Assemblymember Chris Burdick (93rd District) said: “Permitting a pipeline expansion such as the proposed Project Maple would be unconscionable. It flies in the face of our state’s climate goals, which were codified into law in 2019. We cannot greenlight projects that would result in the burning and transporting of fracked gas, which we know harms our planet and our health. We also know the costs of these projects will eventually be passed on to ratepayers and become more expensive, not less, as time goes on. Right now is the perfect time to tell Enbridge we will not entertain this attempt to expand fossil fuel infrastructure.”

Congressman Jamaal Bowman (NY-16) said: “Project Maple would deeply harm frontline communities like Peekskill who are already suffering from Wheelbrator incinerator pollution and ‘D’ rated air quality. Our state has made smart decisions by passing the CLCPA and BPRA, and rejecting the Danskammer and Astoria fracked gas plants. Approving Project Maple would be a giant leap backwards and a terrible environmental injustice. I urge the Governor to deny these permits to Enbridge and follow the lead of environmental activists in speeding our state’s transition off fossil fuels.”

Westchester County Executive George Latimer said: “I am proud to stand with Assemblywoman Dana Levenberg and my other colleagues in government against Project Maple, a proposal in the works that would disrupt the already sensitive area surrounding Indian Point. Project Maple, proposed by fossil fuel company Enbridge, plans to expand compressor stations and infrastructure along a fracked gas pipeline, locking us into more fracked gas use at a time when we should be transitioning off fossil fuels. Fracked gas is not clean, and more fossil fuel infrastructure will only harm our communities.”

Westchester County Legislator Emiljana Ulaj (9th District) said: “We are in a climate crisis that asks us to invest boldly in renewable energy–not greenhouse gasses. I urge Governor Kathy Hochul to reject Enbridge’s fracked gas expansion project dubbed ‘Project Maple.’ Any expansion of fossil fuel infrastructure goes against the spirit and goals of the Climate Leadership & Community Protection Act. Furthermore, an expansion would heighten the danger to communities I represent in Cortlandt due to the pipeline’s proximity to radioactive waste and spent fuel rods at Indian Point. Thank you to Assemblymember Dana Levenberg for bringing more attention to this issue and standing with local community leaders against Project Maple.”

Ossining Town Supervisor Elizabeth Feldman said: “Project Maple should not be approved. Expanding our gas infrastructure and usage is definitely counterproductive to protecting the health, safety and welfare of our residents. Instead, in this time of increased storm frequency and strength due to climate change, we should be focusing on lowering our emissions and developing environmentally friendly green energy transmission corridors.”

Green Ossining Co-Founder & Chair Suzie Ross said: “After a very disappointing and turbulent legislative session that left many to wonder how our state will enact real solutions to address the acknowledged climate crisis, we urge Governor Hochul to deny Enbridge any upcoming permits for construction of Project Maple’s new fossil fuel infrastructure.  We do not need and we do not want more access to fossil fuels. We do not need and we do not want more fossil fuel infrastructure. We do not need and we do not want more stranded fossil fuel assets tarnishing our communities, particularly as there is no future purpose for them. We have had enough of the fossil fuel industry falsely claiming these expansion projects are necessary.” 

United for Clean Energy Organizer Tina Volz-Bongar said: “Governor Kathy Hochul must know the priority of our community is decommissioning Indian Point safely and securely by keeping waste on-site and stopping the build out of dangerous methane gas infrastructure. Project Maple goes straight against the goals of New York’s landmark Climate Leadership Community and Protection Act and my hometown of Peekskill is already feeling the impacts of dangerous polluting projects affecting our air and water. We are going to fight alongside Assemblywoman Levenberg to make sure this proposal is denied and we uphold our hard fought for climate law.”

“Project Maple, projected to traverse Rockland County from the densely populated Town of Ramapo to the historically significant Stony Point, would be detrimental to tourism, air quality, and health outcomes,” said Rockland County Legislature Environmental Chair Beth Davidson. “The Project would impact several waterways along the route, including the Hudson River—a significant driver for the Hudson Valley economy. I urge Governor Hochul to deny Enbridge any upcoming permits for constructing new fossil fuel infrastructure that offers no benefit to Rockland County and risks irreversible damage to our quality of life.”

Chief Dwaine Perry of the Ramapo Munsee Nation said: “I am opposed to this because of the damage of the life cycle of infrastructure for pipelines perpetuates. The damage to our environment- air, water, earth and damages to all life. We – the Ramapo Munsee Nation have stood have stood against pipelines before and we stand against Project Maple now.”

Photos will be available here. Video of the event is available here.


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