1000+ Individuals Call on Gov. Newsom for Fracking Ban to Include All Fracking Methods 

CalGEM to hold hearing on fracking regulations this week

Published Mar 25, 2024


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CalGEM to hold hearing on fracking regulations this week

CalGEM to hold hearing on fracking regulations this week

As CalGEM is set to hold a hearing to obtain public comment tomorrow on the plan to formally phase out fracking in California, over 1000 individuals across the state sent comments to Governor Newsom asking him to direct CalGEM to amend the ban to address all fracking methods used across California, particularly steam injection. 

As they currently stand, the proposed rules will prohibit the state from issuing new fracking permits and, while they are a welcome follow-up on Governor Newsom’s 2021 promise to ban this devastating practice that increases greenhouse gas emissions and puts Californian’s people, animals, air and water at risk of contamination, they cannot be considered a full ban unless all fracking methods are included. 

In their comments, Californians and other individuals across the country alike expressed gratitude to Governor Newsom for taking this vital and necessary step to ban some methods of fracking, especially considering the urgency of the climate crisis we’re all facing. However, commenters noted that in order for Governor Newsom to be considered a climate leader, he must direct CalGEM to not only stop all fracking practices, including steam injection, but also begin to end all oil and gas drilling in California. 

Said Chirag Bhakta, California Director for Food & Water Watch, “Californians know that fracking is a harmful practice that puts all of us in danger and corrupts our environment. And fracking does not affect all Californian’s equally: much of this infrastructure is located in areas where people are already experiencing the worst of the climate crisis. By supporting a full ban on fracking and starting more aggressively moving toward our future free from fossil fuels, we can ensure that all of our neighbors have access to clean air, fresh water and a livable future.” 

CalGEM’s is set to hold a virtual public hearing on this ban on March 26, and the public comment period closes the day after. 

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