75,000+ Activists March to Demand that Biden End Fossil Fuels

Published Sep 18, 2023


Climate and Energy

Amid the worsening climate crisis, President Biden is ramping up fossil fuels, not ending them. Yesterday, thousands gathered to call on him to change course.

Amid the worsening climate crisis, President Biden is ramping up fossil fuels, not ending them. Yesterday, thousands gathered to call on him to change course.

More than 75,000 people joined us in the streets of New York City yesterday for the March to End Fossil Fuels. We gathered to demand that President Joe Biden act immediately to stop fossil fuel use and production. 

Food & Water Watch helped plan the event with allies and brought thousands to the march. Our volunteers spread the word through dozens of outreach events and over 300,000 phone calls. More than 700 organizations endorsed the March and joined our demands of President Biden.

The day was full of powerful art, music, and chants. We heard speeches and testimonies from allies in Congress and frontline communities alike. 

Food & Water Watch and other marchers chant “Get up! Get down! Fossil fuels in the ground!” to music at the March to End Fossil Fuels on Sunday.

As people took to the streets and the podium, we saw the breadth, diversity, and strength of our movement. We joined with scientists, artists, manufacturing workers, frontline communities, farmers, students, community organizers, faith leaders, and more. People across gender, race, class, and creed marched united in our fight for a livable future.

Indigenous activists at the March to End Fossil Fuels take up the whole street. They hold signs reading "BIDEN END FOSSIL FUELS," "FOR THE FUTURE," and 'FURE HUMANITY."
Indigenous activists and organizations lead the way. Photo by Emma Cassidy | Survival Media Agency

Amid climate chaos and increasingly bleak headlines, marchers chose hope. We chose to demand change and keep fighting for a better world — one where fossil fuels no longer have a stranglehold on our economy or policies, our planet or our communties. A world in which our leaders side with the people they represent, not polluters.

Today, world leaders are convening not far from where we marched for a United Nations climate conference. The UN is calling on governments around the globe to commit to ending fossil fuels. The conference also calls on leaders to bring concrete plans to do so.

Biden has done neither. Instead, he has recklessly and dangerously ramped up fossil fuel production

President Biden has a singular opportunity to put the United States on the right path. He can lead the world in moving us to a green, clean economy. And he must, if we are to have a livable future.

Because it doesn’t matter how many trees we plant, how much carbon we “store,” or how many solar panels we build if Big Oil is still spewing emissions and pollution. Ending fossil fuels is the first step we must take to save the planet.

That’s why we’re demanding that Biden: 

  1. Stop approving new fossil fuel projects and repeal approvals of carbon bombs like the Willow Project;
  2. End fossil fuel drilling on public lands and waters;
  3. Declare a climate emergency and take executive action to stop fossil fuel exports and speed up our transition to renewables; and
  4. Work toward a just transition to renewables that supports workers and communities and invites everyone to thrive in the new fossil-free economy.

Thank you to the thousands of climate activists who joined the March to endfossilfuels! #climatechange #climateaction #climatecrisis #protest #marchtoendfossilfuels

♬ Memories – Lux-Inspira

We thank everyone who joined us in New York City and all the people who made this event possible. And we thank you, for supporting our work and sharing our vision toward a livable future. 

Join us in calling on President Biden to declare a climate emergency and move us off fossil fuels!

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