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Published Apr 6, 2023


Climate and Energy

You ensure activists of all ages can fight like they live here

You ensure activists of all ages can fight like they live here

No matter how long we’ve lived here, we all call this planet home. And no matter what generational camp we belong to, we all benefit from sustainable food, clean water, and a livable climate. In this fight to protect our home, we have more in common than we do differences. 

Still, each generation brings unique perspectives and strengths to our movement. Some of us, motivated by the desire to preserve a healthy planet for the young people we love, share our wealth of experience and wisdom. Some of us, motivated by our determination to inherit a world where we can thrive, share our unwavering enthusiasm and dreams of a bright future. While each person’s motivations may look different, it’s precisely this diversity that makes building a better world for all possible.

We all have something valuable to contribute.

The activists featured in It Takes All of Us range from Gen Alpha, the youngest of us, to the (can’t-be) Silent Generation. Because of you, Food & Water Watch is able to act as the bridge that spans these generations making our fight to protect our planet inclusive and that much stronger. Thank you!

We invite you to read three of the activists’ stories from It Takes All of Us below. 

Silent Generation
Film and television producer and screenwriter, California

I’m part of the “Silent Generation,” but I’ve never ever been silent about fighting for social, political, and environmental justice.  

When I moved to Ojai, California, the environmental threats from the oil and gas industry were obvious. These companies show no concern for their negative impacts, more often than not, on poorer and under-represented communities. 

It was natural for me to jump into the fight. I’ve been a political-cultural activist ever since my undergraduate years at the University of Wisconsin. At the time, the Vietnam War was just heating up. I now use my voice and creativity to stand up for social, political, AND environmental justice. 

Food & Water Watch and I are natural allies. We hold the same values that I’ve treasured for decades – from way back when I was protesting the Vietnam War to now as I fight industries that ruin the health of thousands of families.

Gen X
Public health specialist & Volunteer Campaign Lead for
Food & Water Team Tampa, Florida

I’ve been a nature lover my whole life. I grew up camping and hiking in Shenandoah National Park, and as a family, we visited many other National Park treasures. I don’t think you can visit those places without marveling at nature and feeling protective of it. 

My environmental consciousness shifted to activism gradually, motivated by a variety of things. I’m a triathlete and spend a lot of time outside training. I feel the effects of environmental issues like the urban heat island effect, poor air quality, and pollution-induced red tide directly. When I became a parent, my worries about future generations having a livable climate came into sharp focus and took on urgency.

I want to spend my time and resources wisely on things that will have the biggest impact. Using my voice to demand system-wide climate policy change is the most effective thing I can do. Food & Water Watch gives me the tools and training to be the most effective advocate I can be. 

Gen Z
Senior at Slippery Rock University, Pennsylvania

I learned about Food & Water Watch while working with a group called Save Slippery Rock Creek in Butler County. We joined forces to oppose an asphalt plant from being built right up against the creek and successfully brought the community together to fight for our precious waterway. I’m especially proud of the research project on the area’s water quality I submitted for public comment. 

Knowing that I was involved in improving drinking water quality and that I was able to see an issue and be a part of the solution was incredibly rewarding. And I developed so many amazing friendships along the way. 

I want to contribute to a better world where people aren’t afraid for their children or afraid to have children. The world can be a good place, and we can’t let roadblocks and obstacles keep us from having the planet we all need and deserve. 

Who will you empower next? 

Michael, Sarah, Hannah, and the other dedicated activists featured in It Takes All of Us prove that anyone of any age who cares about our planet can make a difference. As Sarah says, “Our combined voices are our superpower, and Food & Water Watch helps us to use them in ways that create the changes we need to secure a livable future for all.”

Your generosity builds an inter-generational movement, working together to solve the most critical issues facing us today. We look forward to welcoming the incredible future activists your continued giving will empower!

Act before April 30, and your gift will be matched $2-to-$1!

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