Analysis Finds All-Electric Building Act Could Save Long Islanders $1,000+ Annually

Residents, experts and activists called on Governor Hochul to include the All-Electric Building Act in her budget


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Today, Long Island residents, experts and consumer and climate advocates held a press conference calling on Governor Hochul to save New York households money on home heating bills by passing the All-Electric Building Act (S6843C/A8431B). According to a new analysis by think tank Win Climate, residents of new homes on Long Island could save over $1,000 annually on home heating costs, under the legislation, thanks to the cost savings and energy efficiencies of all-electric construction. The push for all-electric buildings comes as National Grid forecasts a 29% rate increase for gas service, and home heating oil prices on Long Island top $6 a gallon.

The All-Electric Building Act has 80 co-sponsors in the New York State Senate and Assembly. Under the bill, all new construction statewide would be required to be built without the use of fossil fuels beginning in 2024 for buildings under seven stories, and 2027 for larger buildings. Each year, tens of thousands of new buildings are built in New York state, with the vast majority currently built with dependence on gas for boilers, furnaces and water heating. In addition to saving money, the bill also creates jobs and fights climate change.

Speakers called on Governor Hochul to put the All-Electric Building Act in her upcoming budget. Passage of the All-Electric Building Act would make New York the first state with a comprehensive end to fossil fuels in new construction.

“New Yorkers shouldn’t have to pick between keeping the heat on and saving our climate, staying warm and paying for dinner. Double digit rate hikes are unaffordable for many, egregious for all. All-electric construction can change that, building better homes that don’t lock us into fossil fuel contracts,” said Joe Varon, Food & Water Watch Volunteer and West Hempstead resident. “Governor Hochul must include the All-Electric Building Act in her budget, saving money and our climate.”

Snigha Sinha, one of the authors of the analysis and a part of the Win Climate team, said, “When you run the numbers, the data is clear: the All-Electric Building Act would save money for Long Island households. The reality is, building new homes with all-electric heat pumps would save money on average for households across Suffolk and Nassau counties, and the largest savings would be in areas where many homes are still built with expensive propane heating systems, which lock homeowners into high energy costs for decades. Building all-electric is a win-win for homeowners looking to save money and for everyone who cares about climate change.”

Will Bailey, New York Communities for Change’s Senior Long Island Director said, “Black and brown communities like mine, need relief from the skyrocketing cost of heating and health care from burning fossil fuels. The All-Electric Building Act will relieve us from the cost and burden of fossil fuel pollution. If Governor Hochul is truly committed to environmental justice, she must include the All-Electric Building Act in her budget.”

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