We Did the Math – Your Investment Moved Our Mission Forward!

Published Dec 6, 2022


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Our 2022 in review, made possible by members and supporters like you.

Our 2022 in review, made possible by members and supporters like you.

2022 is coming to a close, and what a year it’s been! Your investment in Food & Water Watch, along with your participation in actions we’ve shared with you, made an incredible impact. Our fight for sustainable food, clean and affordable water, and a livable climate has gone further because of you. 

How much of a difference? We did the math!

More than 5,200 additional new members
who joined the fight this year

That number tells the story of your impact on our growing movement. Big, systemic change requires people power. We help countless people to push for the bold actions necessary to stave off the worst of climate change and to protect our food and water.

Because of you, our grassroots movement and capacity to create change have grown. In addition to new members, we also have 100 team members working in 24 states and more than 1.6 million active supporters who’ve made gifts and/or donations of their time.

Your commitment also inspired and enabled 32 organizers to work with 1800 volunteers in 15 states

Our volunteers drive real change in their communities…and across the country! Want to get involved? Learn more about our volunteer opportunities.

10,000 calls to Congress that helped stop
Sen. Joe Manchin’s dirty side deal 

We organized against Sen. Joe Manchin’s terrible permitting deal, and helped create so much opposition to it that he was forced to remove it from a must-pass government funding package. That prevented fast-tracked fossil fuel projects, green lights to complete the Mountain Valley Pipeline, and the silencing of community members about what gets built. We’ll keep fighting him on it no matter how many times he tries to sneak it over the line. This is just one of the ways your support helps keep powerful leaders accountable

Your investment boosts our groundbreaking research, bold policy recommendations, and targeted legal actions. These are the some of our best tools to protect our food, water, climate, and consumers from greedy, reckless corporations. This year, our team:

  • Published 18 new research reports
  • Influenced dozens of pieces of federal legislation 
  • Is pursuing more than 20 lawsuits to stop giant corporations and government agencies from endangering people and the environment.

Your support allows us to convert that work into actions that our audience of over 1.6 million supporters can rally around. This year, you, our supporters:

  • Signed onto 138 digital petitions and online actions
  • Made more than 33,000 phone calls to elected officials
  • Participated in 269 organizing events such as rallies, protests, and canvassing days.

The only thing that will hold the powerful accountable is you! 

More than 1.3 million visits to FoodandWaterWatch.org

Our work together would be incomplete if we didn’t educate people about threats to our environment and how we can each make a difference. Information is power. The industries we take on try to control narratives, greenwash data, or hatch plans in back rooms. That’s why your impact on spreading awareness is crucial! 

Your investment ensures critical intel about the health of our planet is revealed publicly and shared widely. This year, in addition to those website visits, you amplified our reach by:

  • More than 275,000 social media engagements
  • More than 1,000 mentions in the press including several in The New York Times, Washington Post, and The Guardian
  • More than 2,100 total attendees to 14 Livable Future LIVE events, our monthly educational series.

You are the backbone of our outreach and educational activities.

102 cosponsors for the WATER Act

Your commitment to the cause this year has resulted in numerous victories, but here are just a handful. In addition to the victory against Manchin noted above, together we:

  • Helped pass and enact a first-ever moratorium on cryptocurrency mining powered by fossil fuel power plants in New York State;
  • Struck down an anti-whistleblower law in Iowa that would have criminalized undercover investigations into animal cruelty, unsafe working conditions, and food safety threats at factory farms, slaughterhouses, and other animal facilities;
  • Secured 102 cosponsors for the WATER Act, legislation that would create a $35 billion annual fund to pay for much-needed repairs and upgrades to our aging water infrastructure across the country to keep our water safe;
  • Banned fracking in all Allegheny County Parks in Pennsylvania – the heart of the fracking industry – with a landmark bill that now protects 12,000 acres of beloved parkland and the air and water of nearly half a million nearby residents.
  • Helped pass legislation in California to ban new oil wells from being drilled within 3,200 feet of homes, schools, hospitals, and other areas where people could be harmed by emissions, severely limiting the fossil fuel industry as we strive for a rapid transition to renewable energy.​​​

This short list of wins proves the power YOU have to protect our planet. We at Food & Water Watch are grateful for your generosity. 

Thank you for standing with us to make a difference and fight like you live here!

So where are we going next? After the midterm elections, we celebrated the Democratic wins to maintain control of the Senate. However, we’ll soon have a divided government when Republicans take over the House. That means we’ll all have to work harder than ever before to secure a livable future. 

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