Food & Water Watch Members Think These Rights Are Worth Fighting For

What can you do when our climate is under attack? Join our team and help protect it!


Climate and Energy

The work of protecting our food, water and climate takes an entire movement. And much of our power comes from awesome members who work to protect our resources from greedy corporations.

We have members in communities across the country, and while their local fights may seem different, at the core they have much in common. They usually start with corporations wielding big bucks and political influence to buy a free pass to pollute. And it leads to fed-up community members taking a stand, assembling their local allies, and using the tools and strategies we make available to them to win.

Here are just a few stories from people we have actively working on local fights right now.

Members like Marieke, Rulik, Julie and Brooke inspire admiration and hope for all of us. When we team up and share our time and resources, we build power that surprises corporations and wins many local fights. Those wins add up one by one, protecting what’s precious to all of us.

We think a future like that is worth fighting for, don’t you?

Help power fights like these!