Disappointing DRBC Vote to Renew Gibbstown Fracking Terminal Permit

Commission grants more time for New Fortress to pursue dangerous LNG export scheme


Climate and Energy

Today the Delaware River Basin Commission voted to extend the construction permit for New Fortress Energy’s Gibbstown gas export terminal project. 

The scheme to liquify fracked gas in Pennsylvania and ship it to an export terminal on the Delaware River. 

The commissioners also refused a proposal to hold an additional public hearing on the permit. 

Food & Water Watch Organizer Noa Gordon-Guterman released the following statement in response:

“Today’s disappointing and undemocratic decision gives New Fortress’ disastrous fracking plan new life. At a moment when our global climate crisis requires a swift transition away from dirty fossil fuels, the commissioners voted to grant more time for this company’s polluting scheme. To add insult to injury, the commissioners refused to grant an additional public hearing to discuss this permit – one more gift to a company that has tried its best to shield its intentions from public scrutiny.

“The Gibbstown fracking terminal presents risks at every step of the way – from the heavily fracked communities of Pennsylvania to the residents who live along the train or truck routes that would be used to ship highly explosive liquified gas to Gibbstown for export. These communities should not be sacrifice zones for the greedy fossil fuel industry. We continue to urge state and federal lawmakers to reject this dangerous and unnecessary New Fortress project, which will only exacerbate climate, air and water pollution.”