Biden’s Earth Day Forests Pledge is Grossly Inadequate Response to Deepening Climate Crisis

Published Apr 21, 2022


Climate and Energy

In anticipation of President Biden’s Earth Day announcement in Seattle tomorrow regarding an initiative to preserve old-growth forestsFood & Water Watch National Organizing Manager Thomas Meyer issued the following statement:

“President Biden seems to think we’re celebrating the first Earth Day in 1970, rather than in the depths of the climate crisis in 2022. Protecting forests without addressing the root cause of the climate crisis, namely the continued extraction and burning of fossil fuels, will do very little to slow global warming. The president has many effective tools at his disposal to address the climate and public health impacts of fossil fuels in a serious way. He should start by following through on his pledge to end fracking on public lands and stop offshore drilling, and directing his agencies to reject all new fossil fuel infrastructure.”

Scores of climate activists will be outside President Biden’s event in Seattle tomorrow to remind him of his commitments and demand that he take bold action to address the climate crisis.

Contact: Jessica Gable – [email protected]

Press Contact: Seth Gladstone [email protected]