VA Chickahominy Fracked Gas Pipeline Suspended

From the Mountain Valley to Chickahominy Pipeline, fracked gas projects in Virginia face an uphill regulatory battle


Climate and Energy

For Immediate Release

Over the weekend, Chickahominy Power LLC announced that it is “hitting pause” on its Chickahominy fracked gas pipeline, proposed to cross five Virginia counties. In a letter to officials this weekend, the company said that electricity grid organization PJM Interconnection LLC has de-prioritized the Chickahominy fracked gas plant, prompting a pause on the pipeline project.

In response, Food & Water Watch Southern Region Director Jorge Aguilar issued the following statement:

“Fossil fuels are facing an uphill battle in Virginia — and it’s all thanks to organized opposition achieving victories like this one. From the very beginning, Charles City County residents and climate advocates have been steadfast in our opposition to the Chickahominy Pipeline and its associated fracked gas plant. For months, we have argued that this project is unnecessary — this weekend’s decision affirms that.

“We are calling on state and federal officials to officially pull all the permits for the Chickahominy fracked gas plant to permanently close the book on this project.”

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