One Year Later, Biden Climate Record is Rhetoric Over Action

White House vowed to make climate action a priority – but the record tells us a different story


Climate and Energy

One year ago today, President Biden released an executive order laying out its vision for a bold, “government-wide” approach to tackling the climate crisis. The White House called for a concerted effort to “combat the climate crisis with bold, progressive action that combines the full capacity of the Federal Government with efforts from every corner of our Nation, every level of government, and every sector of our economy.”

So far, the White House has fallen well short of those goals. 

In response, Food & Water Watch Managing Director of Policy Mitch Jones released the following statement: 

“President Biden repeatedly promised to end fracking on public lands, and his administration pledged to make climate and clean energy a priority across every federal government agency. Their performance so far has been appalling. The White House has carried on selling new fracking leases on our public lands, and has approved thousands of new drilling permits – even  outpacing the Trump administration’s first year record. After the White House revoked a key permit for the Keystone XL pipeline, they have been silent on other pending fossil fuel projects where the administration has the authority to act decisively to move the country off fossil fuels.

“The White House appears to support industry plans to massively expand fracked gas export schemes, which will deliver pollution to environmental justice communities in the Gulf Coast and increase drilling in fracked-out sacrifice zones across the country. The White House announced an unconscionably reckless sale of offshore drilling leases in the Gulf of Mexico, just weeks after Hurricane Ida made landfall in the area and ravaged communities from Louisiana to New York. 

“Instead of taking meaningful steps to stop fossil fuel pollution, the administration supports plans to shovel billions of dollars to prop up industry-backed false solutions like carbon capture and so-called ‘renewable natural gas,’ providing cover for dubious, expensive and unworkable scams that only deepen our dependence on fossil fuels.

“White House officials constantly tell us that they know time is running out to act on climate. If they actually mean what they say, they need to prove it.”

Food & Water Watch has been tracking the White House’s climate and clean energy missteps at the Biden Climate Watch timeline.