NY Governor Hochul Ignores Crypto-Mining Threat to Her Climate Agenda

Published Jan 5, 2022


Climate and Energy

In her State of the State address this afternoon, Governor Hochul pledged bold commitments to phasing fossil fuels out of New York’s energy grid, including voicing support for a statewide gas ban. Unfortunately, the governor’s proposed gas ban takes effect far too slowly – 2027 – to meet the immediacy of the climate crisis. What’s more, her climate plan fails to address the growing threat of the crypto-mining industry in New York.

In response, Food & Water Watch Northeast Region Director Alex Beauchamp issued the following statement:

“Governor Hochul is taking the necessary strides on climate that her predecessor was too meek to address. Yet, in 237 pages of a staggeringly detailed State of the State book, Governor Hochul fails to address the mounting climate threat that crypto-mining poses to her climate agenda. We are hopeful that the Governor’s encouraging words on climate will be backed up by strong action, starting with a rejection of the Greenidge fracked gas power plant currently powering a bitcoin mining operation in the Finger Lakes and a commitment to stop the ludicrous practice of firing up dirty, retired power plants to mine cryptocurrency.”

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Press Contact: Phoebe Galt [email protected]