New Biden Administration Rule on Liquified Fracked Gas (LNG) Rail Transport Won’t Protect Floridians

New Fortress Energy’s LNG “bomb train” transport puts Florida communities in harm's way


Climate and Energy

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Today, the U.S. Department of Transportation filed an anticipated new rule suspending a 2019 Trump Administration rule that opened the door to allow shipments of LNG (liquefied fracked gas) by rail. The new rule temporarily suspends rail transport for the highly flammable hazardous material, while the agency evaluates whether LNG by rail should be allowed in a separate rulemaking. 

The rule reversal will not, however, impact the dangerous “bomb train” experiment moving forward along the Florida East Coast Railway (FEC). Thanks to a special federal permit FEC acquired under the Trump administration, this new rule from the Biden Administration will not impact New Fortress Energy’s rail transport of LNG in Florida.

In response to the report, Food & Water Watch Southern Region Deputy Director Michelle Allen issued the following statement:

“For the past few years, the Florida East Coast Railway (FEC) has been transporting extremely volatile LNG on tracks that pass through dense communities. Public health advocates and engineers alike have been sounding the alarm on the ticking time bomb of LNG rail transportation projects like Florida’s. Simply put, LNG transport by rail poses unnecessary risks to Florida’s communities.

Big Oil & Gas’ insatiable thirst for profits will inevitably lead to more LNG projects across Florida unless stronger action is taken by the Biden Administration. Miami-Dade, Broward, and Jacksonville are already home to LNG facilities, and companies are eyeing further expansion across Florida. As more LNG facilities are built, the industry will look to expand the rail transport of the dangerous substance through more Florida communities. The Biden Administration must do more to protect Florida from dangerous LNG rail transportation. President Biden must permanently ban all rail transport of LNG, including overturning FEC’s special permit.”

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