NY Activists Hold “Die In” in Brooklyn to Demand Bold Climate Action

As Senate Majority Leader, Sen. Schumer has the authority and imperative to end the $15 billion of taxpayer subsidies that go to the fossil fuel industry each year.


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This afternoon, community and environmental activists rallied outside Senator Schumer’s Brooklyn apartment, calling for an end to fossil fuel subsidies. Each year, $15 billion worth of federal taxpayer dollars are spent buoying the profits of fossil fuel companies through tax breaks, loopholes and other forms of government subsidies. As the Senate Majority Leader, Senator Schumer has a critical role to play in ending the polluting industry’s lifeline.

Activists rallied around the need to end fossil fuel subsidies by commemorating the victims of the latest climate change charged disaster to hit New York City – Hurricane Ida. They then staged a “die in” to dramatically and visually highlight the deadly reality of the climate crisis.

“Senator Schumer has the opportunity — indeed the moral imperative — to end fossil fuel subsidies now,” said Food & Water Watch Volunteer Ken Schles. “Any cent that goes toward the destructive fossil fuel industry is a notch in our own coffin. Public money should go toward the public good, not toward extending a lifeline to an industry that is killing us. Senator Schumer, it’s time to stop fossil fuel subsidies once and for all.

“Senator Schumer has opposed fossil fuel subsidies, which further oil and gas extraction, environmental racism and the climate crisis. We welcome his stance. Now, it’s time to deliver,” said Alice Hu, federal climate campaigner at New York Communities for Change.

“Every day, more innocent people are becoming victims of climate change while Exxon and other large corporations responsible for this crisis are bailed out by American taxpayers. The tax code protects and supports the fossil fuel industry, with taxpayers footing the bill for billions in fossil fuel subsidies. In order to prevent further climate destruction and save future potential victims of climate change, Senator Schumer needs to be a climate leader and end fossil fuel subsidies. Our government can no longer continue to put polluters over people,” said Abigayle Reese, Grassroots Organizer with Friends of the Earth.

“Fossil fuels killed 8.7 million people globally in 2018 alone. Between 2010 and 2019, the United States experienced 119 climate disasters that each caused damages of $1 billion or more. By using the Build Back Better act to facilitate the inevitable transition to renewable energy while eliminating toxic fossil fuel subsidies, Congress will set the course for a future that allows our communities to not just survive, but thrive. Sen. Schumer and Democrats must seize the once in a generation opportunity to invest in life saving climate action,” said Greenpeace USA Senior Climate Campaigner John Noël.

Photos of the event are available here.

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