In Wake of Hurricane Ida, Activists Urge Speaker Johnson and Council to Pass Gas-Free NYC Bill


Climate and Energy

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Today, the New York City Council held a hearing on Hurricane Ida, the deadliest storm to hit New York City since Hurricane Sandy. As council members discussed the serious storm impacts, activists urged passage of the Gas Free NYC bill, Int 2317. The legislation, which currently has 23 co-sponsors, would end gas use in new construction and gut renovations in New York City.

Food & Water Watch Senior Organizer Eric Weltman issued the following statement:

“Fossil fuels are driving the climate crisis, and they’re super-charging disasters like Ida that took the lives of thirteen New Yorkers. Speaker Johnson and the New York City Council have the moral imperative to take bold action to combat the climate crisis. That starts with the Council’s passage of the Gas Free NYC bill. To make progress on climate, we need to stop burning fossil fuels — New York can and must lead the way.”

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