Senate Infrastructure Deal: Billions for Fossil Fuels

Industry handouts make a mockery of climate action claims


Climate and Energy

As more details about the Senate bipartisan infrastructure proposal are revealed, reports indicate that the deal includes billions of dollars in new fossil fuel subsidies. 

By one count, the proposal could provide at least $25 billion to support fossil fuel interests, much of it in the form of ineffective carbon capture boondoggles. 

In response, Food & Water Watch Policy Director Mitch Jones released the following statement:

“This infrastructure proposal is not a down payment on real climate action — it is doubling down on support for climate polluters. The Senate is proposing that we spend tens of billions of dollars propping up fossil fuel corporations — this is on top of the $15 billion these companies already receive every year from the federal government. A substantial share of this new money — about $12 billion — would go to promoting carbon capture, which does absolutely nothing but extend the life of the fossil fuel era.

“While handing money to dirty energy companies might help win votes in the Senate, it fails the only test that matters: Whether or not we are taking meaningful action to address our mounting climate crisis. Throwing away money is not going to reduce emissions. We need massive investments in proven renewable solutions, not carbon capture fantasies. If the Senate cannot manage to get this right, climate champions in the House will need to strip out these wasteful dirty energy subsidies.”