Activists Push Pallone to Go Big on Climate

In the wake of Exxon lobbying scandal, climate activists demand a rapid move off fossil fuels.


Climate and Energy

Climate activists rallied outside the New Brunswick and Long Branch offices of Rep. Frank Pallone, urging him to take stronger action to stave off climate catastrophe. 

The activists were motivated in part by stories published last week by Greenpeace UK’s Unearthed project that revealed the lobbying strategy of fossil fuel giant ExxonMobil. Secretly recorded videos with company officials showed how Exxon works to curtail ambitious climate policies, and has taken a keen interest in Representative Pallone’s signature climate bill, the CLEAN Future Act, legislation that would allow fracked gas to be included in a ‘clean electricity’ standard. 

“We are seeing evidence of the climate crisis every single day, all across the planet — from floods and storm surges to devastating droughts and punishing heat waves,” said Food & Water Watch New Jersey State Director Matt Smith. “We need Representative Pallone to understand that the clock is ticking and we need immediate action to get off fossil fuels, not half measures that are blessed by corporate polluters like Exxon.”

“In light of the revelation of how Exxon lobbies Congress to ensure that no legislation will adequately address climate change, we now see why Frank Pallone’s CLEAN Future Act does nothing to ban fracking or new fossil fuel infrastructure,” said Joan Farkas, Chair of Our Revolution Monmouth County. “We are calling on Rep. Pallone to have the political courage to stand up to this industry and support legislation that ends fossil fuel subsidies, bans fracking and increases investment in renewable energy.”

“Representative Pallone’s CLEAN Future Act is too weak given the worsening climate crisis we are in,” said Carol Gay, President of the NJ State Industrial Union Council. “Bold action is needed immediately, not gradualism, if we are to preserve a future for generations to come, and if we’re to provide the good clean energy jobs we need right now.”

The rallies were organized by Food & Water Watch, Our Revolution, 350NJ, Progressive Democrats of America, NJ Industrial Union Council and Friends of the Earth.