White House Climate Memo Should Prompt Concern

White House continues to support a weak clean energy standard


Climate and Energy

A new memo from White House national climate advisor Gina McCarthy is intended to demonstrate that the Biden administration is committed to passing a reconciliation package that includes key climate and clean energy provisions. 

But the language of the memo should be seen as a cause for concern for climate activists. 

Food & Water Watch Policy Director Mitch Jones released the following statement: 

“The Biden administration has consistently pledged support for a clean energy standard, but only a weak one that would qualify dirty energy sources like fracked gas and nuclear power as ‘clean.’ Meanwhile, the White House continually praises far-fetched, pro-industry projects like carbon capture as a viable solution to drastically reducing climate emissions. This approach is foolish and dangerous. 

“This new memo, ostensibly designed to appease climate activists, should be seen for what it is: little to nothing of substance. Instead of explicitly supporting a bonafide standard for clean, renewable energy, McCarthy’s memo touts ‘market signals’ and the leveraging of deeply flawed existing energy systems. This is not a bold agenda, it is technocratic market-speak that is decades out of date.

“If the White House wants us to believe it is taking the climate crisis seriously, this memo does the opposite.”