New York Panel Recommends Moratorium on Fossil Fuel Plants

Power Generation Advisory Panel recommends a moratorium to meet the state's emissions reduction standards


Climate and Energy

Albany, NY — Today, the Power Generation Advisory Panel delivered its official recommendation to the state’s Climate Action Council regarding fossil fuel infrastructure. The Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act set standards to ensure zero statewide emissions for the electric generation sector by 2040. To meet those standards, the Panel recommended a moratorium on new and repowered fossil fuel plants, and urged comprehensive regulations to close current fossil fuel-powered plants.

The decision is a victory for the communities who have been mobilizing against dirty fossil fuel plants statewide. Should Governor Cuomo heed the advice of his own advisory panel, the Danskammer plant in the Hudson Valley, the Astoria NRG plant in Queens and the Gowanus plant in Brooklyn would all be shut down.

In response, Food & Water Watch Northeast Region Director Alex Beauchamp issued the following statement:

“The writing is on the wall for fossil fuel infrastructure in New York. New Yorkers have been adamant for years that fossil fuels cannot be a part of the rapid climate action we must pursue in order to avert the worst of climate disaster. New York’s official expert panel on power generation has taken a bold and necessary step today — now Governor Cuomo must heed their advice and put a moratorium on fossil fuel infrastructure in New York, starting with Danskammer, Astoria and Gowanus.”