A National Ban On Fracking Is Key

Banning fracking everywhere is crucial. If we don't, the fossil fuel industry will lock us into climate chaos for decades.


Climate and Energy

The corporations that hype fracking — short for hydraulic fracturing, a method that uses high pressure water and chemical cocktails to break up deep shale formations in order to extract gas — are trying to lock us into a dirty future powered by fossil fuels. It’s a future that leads to more gas plants, more leaky pipelines, more compressor stations, more processing plants, more dangerous storage facilities, and more public health crises.

We know the only way toward a clean, renewable energy future is to ban fracking and to stop all new fossil fuel development. We need to ban fracking everywhere, but the first step is saving our public lands from the free-for-all fracking permits that Trump ushered through.

Sign the petition now to push President Biden to take swift, bold action to ban fracking on public lands!

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