Calling Foul On Fake Solutions

Published Mar 2, 2021


Climate and Energy

Slick marketing is no substitute for real change when it comes to avoiding climate disaster.

Slick marketing is no substitute for real change when it comes to avoiding climate disaster.

The fossil fuel industry and other polluting corporations have a lot invested in the infrastructure already in place, and they’ll do anything to make sure they squeeze out every last cent of profit they can — including hyping up false solutions to make the public feel better about practices we know we need to change.

Incinerators and Manure to Energy Projects

Incinerators and manure to energy projects are also often touted as clean. But they come with high levels of air pollution — and they’re placed mostly in communities of color or economically disadvantaged communities. Like other dirty energy, they’re not only unsustainable — they’re environmental justice disasters. And manure to energy schemes also help prop up polluting factory farms.

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The Fake Green Economy

To corporations, our natural resources are commodities that exist only for profit. This idea is the cornerstone of the so-called “green economy.” Corporations (and some big corporate-backed environmental groups!) peddle market-based schemes as a way to drive profit without actually reducing pollution.

Market-based schemes are mostly voluntary and unregulated. Schemes like “cap and trade” mean that corporations put a price on pollution — a price ultimately paid by consumers. They’re a drastic and ineffective departure from our nation’s bedrock environmental laws like the Clean Air Act and the Safe Drinking Water Act. 

Fighting False Climate Solutions

Food & Water Watch fights to make sure our environmental laws are strengthened, not weakened by letting the “market” decide if we should have a clean and healthy future. Decisions on our energy future shouldn’t be left to greedy fossil fuel corporations and Wall Street speculators. 

Rather than relying on fake climate solutions and hard to understand schemes, Food & Water Watch fights for the policies we really need. Let’s keep fossil fuels in the ground and immediately shift to clean, efficient renewables.

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