Tampa Citizens Urge Council to Stand Up to Oil and Gas Bullying, Maintain Clean Energy Resolution

Published Feb 5, 2021


Climate and Energy

Over a dozen citizen activists give compelling public comment at Council meeting

Over a dozen citizen activists give compelling public comment at Council meeting

Tampa, FL  Yesterday, citizen activists turned out to show widespread support for Tampa’s bold resolution that, if passed, would commit the city to 100% renewable energy by 2030. In response to extensive back-room pressure from Big Oil and Gas, Councilman Joe Citro had circulated plans to withdraw the bold climate resolution on Thursday. Over a dozen citizen activists turned out for public comment Thursday in support of the resolution, and councilmembers avoided conversation of the resolution.

Activists demanded elected officials double down against the bullying tactics of Big Oil and Gas, and stand up to the preemption bills introduced in the state legislature including Senate Bill 856 which would prohibit all local energy infrastructure regulation and stop Tampa’s climate change actions in their tracks. Speakers reminded Councilmembers that their duty is to the people of Tampa who elected them, not to industry lobbyists’ scare tactics and misinformation. Senate Bill 856 is one of ten preemption bills introduced around the country that attack local regulation of energy infrastructure.

Food & Water Watch Senior Organizer Brooke Errett issued the following statement:

“Since I last spoke to the Council in January, Big Oil and Gas have attacked our city. We were disappointed to see Councilman Citro’s memo expressing his intent to withdraw the renewable energy resolution yesterday in response to industry’s bullying tactics. Big Oil and Gas are running a misinformation campaign in our city and the state to prevent cities like Tampa from enacting bold climate policies. We call on Council and Mayor Castor to double down on your commitments, stand up to industry bullies, and do right by your constituents.”

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