As Tampa Clean Energy Resolution Gains Momentum, Some State Legislators Side with Big Oil and Gas

Oil and Gas Interests Behind New Legislation to Pre-empt Local Control


Climate and Energy

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Tallahassee, FL  This week, amidst mounting local support for a Tampa City Council resolution designed to move the city off fossil fuels by 2030, Florida state legislators introduced multiple bills to limit municipal power in energy infrastructure regulation. These bills, starting with Senate Bill 856, further entrench corporate oil and gas interests in the state’s energy future, and come in direct response to Tampa’s efforts.

The Tampa resolution is championed by Councilman Citro and supported by over 60 community organizations and businesses in the Tampa Bay Climate Alliance led by Food & Water Watch. The city action comes in response to decades of inaction from the Florida capital on protecting the state from climate change — and it has Big Oil and Gas scared.

In response, Food & Water Watch Senior Organizer Brooke Errett issued the following statement:

“The oil and gas industry are fighting an uphill battle, and they know it. Floridians consistently push back on their plans to drill for oil off our coasts, frack our land, and build out dangerous infrastructure to bolster their profits. Tampa is a leader in the movement for a cleaner, greener future in Florida. Tampa residents and our city council will not back down in this fight that pits our people versus Big Oil and Gas. Mayor Castor, we are ready to fight industry interests together. Let’s take them on.”