NYC Advocates Celebrate Progress on Local Law 97 

89% of NYC Buildings Now in Compliance and Cutting Carbon Emissions, Per City's New Data

Published Aug 16, 2023


Climate and Energy

89% of NYC Buildings Now in Compliance and Cutting Carbon Emissions, Per City's New Data

89% of NYC Buildings Now in Compliance and Cutting Carbon Emissions, Per City's New Data

This morning, Bloomberg reported that New York City’s biggest buildings are complying with the landmark climate law Local Law 97, “undermining the real estate sector’s claims that the rules will be too hard to meet.” Local Law 97 requires buildings larger than 25,000 square feet to begin limiting carbon emissions by January 2024, driving toward net zero emissions by 2050.

New City data finds that 89% of the city’s buildings are on track to meet LL97’s 2024 requirements. Only 11% will require additional upgrades – far better than the City’s 20% estimate from just a few years ago. To reach New York’s climate goals, and dramatically reduce air pollution, the state needs to electrify most buildings by 2050.

Local Law 97, which is on track to create tens of thousands of jobs and is projected to lower energy bills, has come under attack by a well-financed real estate industry campaign. Advocates are calling on Mayor Adams to release final rules for Local Law 97 implementation without loopholes and without delay.

“Moving off fossil fuels is necessary, realistic, and readily achievable. In New York City, it is happening right now. Local Law 97 is on track to achieve critical emissions reductions in our largest polluters, buildings, when we need it most,” said Food & Water Watch Northeast Region Director Alex Beauchamp. “Mayor Adams must build on this progress by implementing and fully enforcing Local Law 97 without loopholes and delays.”

“Despite attacks from the real estate industry, Bloomberg’s reporting today makes clear that Local Law 97 can be implemented quickly and effectively. Young New Yorkers are committed to ensuring Mayor Adams fully enforces the law and expands resources to ensure everyone can comply with the law,” said Shiv Soin, Co-Executive Director at TREEage.

“The newly reported City data shows that Local Law 97 is working! Fully implementing the law is exactly what’s needed to create clean energy jobs, reduce utility bills, and clean up our air quality. Mayor Adams must continue moving forward to fully implement Local Law 97 without delays or loopholes,” said Megan Ahearn, NYPIRG Program Director.

“Local Law 97 is the city’s most important climate and jobs law – it will create tens of thousands of jobs, cut climate pollution, and save money for my family and so many others,” said Rachel Rivera, member of NY Communities for Change. “Today’s reporting is truly encouraging because my family is counting on it to be successful. Mayor Adams must continue to build on its success and ensure the law is fully implemented and enforced and not give into the real industry’s campaign of misinformation.” 

Press Contact: Phoebe Galt [email protected]