You Have the Power to Protect Our Planet!

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Climate and Energy

Food & Water Watch is grateful for your commitment to protecting our food, water, and climate for today and tomorrow. Your generosity has led to significant progress in securing a livable future and we look forward to all that is possible with your continued investment in our work. 

You have the power to protect our planet!

This year’s giving guide features our bold and intrepid team members and their work. They represent diverse faces of activism – people from multiple disciplines, backgrounds, and life experiences who exemplify the tireless pursuit of Food & Water Watch’s mission. 

Their stories of triumph and tenacity are only possible because of you. Thank you for making all of this work possible. 

Below are two of the standout stories shared in this year’s giving guide to protect our planet.

Climate Warrior:
Megan McDonough

Pennsylvania State Director

When multiple fracking facilities began construction near the elementary school Megan’s niece attended, her niece became sick. So did every child in that school. Then Megan learned of plans for yet another fracked gas facility to be built nearby and she knew she had to act. Driven to protect her family, she rallied her community and led the grassroots effort to stop the plant – and won! 

This year Megan mobilized thousands of residents to demand a ban on fracking in all Allegheny County parks. The strong show of people power led to a landslide victory. A landmark bill now protects 12,000 acres of beloved parkland. 

Megan shows us that fracking is not invincible when you have people power. Food & Water Watch regularly shares success stories like Megan’s in our educational events and in each piece of communication we publish to empower and inspire others to fight for their own communities.  

In fact, Megan was featured in this year’s annual benefit, Against All Odds.

Your donation could fund our educational events and communication pieces for one year — so we can continue to showcase stories of climate warriors like Megan. Donate today and your gift will be matched 2 to 1!

Community Defender:
Tomás Morales Rebecchi

Central Coast Organizing Manager (California)

Tomás’ fight against the fossil fuel industry hits close to home. A SoCalGas compressor plant already looms large in his neighborhood in Ventura, CA. Last year, he discovered their plans to triple the size of the facility with intentions to build as close as two blocks of his home.

“Our community is over 70% Latino and we already have some of the highest levels of fossil fuel pollution in California. Gas compressors leak toxic gas, which has happened many times at this site.”

Tomás is in a drawn-out battle against a fossil fuel giant. After holding rallies and speaking at public meetings, the Public Utilities Commission paused the SoCalGas project – not a full victory, but it bought him time. Tomás is committed to protecting his community and will continue fighting until this fossil fuel project is canceled.

Your donation could provide Tomas with increased resources for one year – so he and his neighbors can continue fighting to protect their community. Donate today and your gift will be matched 2 to 1!

Together, we can protect our planet!

Your commitment to protecting our food, water, and climate powers the fights people like Megan and Tomás have dedicated their lives to. Your gift will allow them to continue protecting their communities and the environment.

Right now, you have the power to make twice the impact! Every dollar you give before December 31 will be matched $2 to $1!

Let’s unite to protect the planet we love!