Manchin’s Permitting Reform Bill is a Shameless Boost for Climate-Killing Fossil Fuels

Coal baron's dirty permitting deal must be rendered dead on arrival.


Climate and Energy

Washington, D.C. – Today Senator Joe Manchin released the text of his much-anticipated energy permitting reform legislation, which Senator Schumer intends to attach to a “must pass” budget continuing resolution. 

As expected based on a leaked draft, the bill would fast-track fossil fuel infrastructure development, including the controversial Mountain Valley Pipeline. 

In response, Food & Water Watch Executive Director Wenonah Hauter issued the following statement: 

“Senator Manchin’s so-called permitting reform bill is little more than a shameless handout to the fossil fuel industry – a green light for oil and gas companies to keep on digging, drilling, fracking and polluting. At a time when frontline communities and the entire planet are crying out for climate action and clean energy, this dirty backroom deal would drive us deeper into fossil fuel dependence for decades to come. 

“Despite what backers claim, the paltry incentives for clean energy would be no match for the prioritization of fossil fuel infrastructure this bill guarantees. Evidence from the last decade clearly shows that promoting cleaner energy while still advancing new fossil fuel projects will not reduce climate pollution.

“It should come as no surprise that a corporate coal baron like Joe Manchin would push a fossil fuel bonanza under the guise of bureaucratic reform. For the sake of countless communities suffering air and water pollution today, and a livable climate for generations to come, this dirty permitting deal must be rendered dead on arrival.”