Climate Advocates Condemn Newsom’s Carbon Capture Bill As It Passes Legislature

Bill fast-tracks controversial CCS program, advancing permitting for new infrastructure


Climate and Energy

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Sacramento, CA – California Governor Gavin Newsom’s favored carbon capture bill, SB 905, passed the Senate and Assembly, prompting immediate backlash from climate advocates who have long decried CCS as a fossil fuel industry handout. The bill will codify and expedite carbon capture projects.

“Governor Newsom may have bought into the fossil fuel industry’s carbon capture scams, but we’re not fooled,” said Food & Water Watch Acting California Director Mark Schlosberg. “Carbon capture is a gift to the oil and gas industry, allowing them to continue business as usual while providing a distraction from real climate solutions. We will continue to push the science which, as always, is clear: we must phase out fossil fuels immediately and initiate a transition to equitable, clean energy. “

Even if carbon capture is not used for enhanced oil recovery, research has shown it leads to increased fossil fuel production, endangering historically overburdened communities. A full deployment of 90 percent effective carbon capture technology would only reduce power sector emissions by 39 percent – a far cry from the 100 percent reduction we need as part of a full scale transition to renewable energy. Such technology also does nothing to address other harmful emissions from fossil fuel power plants, including ammonia, fine particulate matter, and methane. 


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