Expanded Natural Gas Exports Will Doom Us Later, But Not Help Anyone Today


Climate and Energy

Washington, D.C. – Amid the growing calls from the American fossil fuel industry and its political allies to ramp up the export of liquified natural gas to Europe, Food & Water Watch’s Managing Policy Director Mitch Jones issued the following statement:

“As we’ve come to expect, the fracked gas industry and its political backers are leveraging a global crisis to justify a buildout of new infrastructure, like pipelines and export terminals, in the name of alleviating a short-term supply crunch. In reality, no action taken now to enable the industry to expand operations here in America would have any impact on price spikes or supply shortages in the days or months to come. New pipelines and export facilities would take many years to come online. Meanwhile, Europe doesn’t have the storage capacity to import more American gas right now, even if it wanted to.

“The fracked gas industry is seeking an excuse to expand its drilling, fracking and export infrastructure for decades to come, and in so doing, commit the planet to an irreversible future of climate chaos. Nothing this industry is angling for today will have any positive impact on the troubles we or our allies face, tomorrow or in the future.”

Contact: Seth Gladstone – [email protected]