Iowa’s Senator Taylor Introduces Bipartisan Legislation to Stop Carbon Pipelines

As three pipeline companies seek to build a carbon capture network across the Midwest, Iowa lawmakers advance legislation to help protect the public from CO2 pipeline impacts


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Des Moines, IA — Today, Senator Taylor (R-2) introduced S.F. 2160, legislation which, if passed, would stop the carbon pipeline projects proposed for Iowa. To date, three carbon pipelines have been proposed, covering hundreds of miles of the state. If built, the carbon pipeline network would be the world’s largest.

S.F. 2160 would adjust the definition of public use as it relates to eminent domain, a legal tool that pipeline developers are relying on to force landowners to allow these dangerous projects on their property. S.F. 2160 curbs the ability of private corporations to forcibly take Iowans’ land. 

Food & Water Watch Senior Iowa Organizer Emma Schmit issued the following statement:

“Carbon capture is a false climate solution and a waste of public money. Where Wall Street sees profit, Iowans see a home worth fighting for. People of all stripes are coming together to protect our land for future generations. We are proud to stand with allies on both sides of the aisle in supporting legislation to keep Iowans safe, and stop dangerous carbon pipelines from taking root in our communities.

“Private pipeline companies are abusing eminent domain laws that were created long before projects like this were on the consciousness of lawmakers. It is critical that the Iowa legislature act now to update the laws and prevent private CO2 pipeline companies from abusing Iowa’s outdated eminent domain laws for nothing other than private profit. We call on the Iowa state legislature to pass S.F. 2160 with haste, and put the needs of Iowans before the profits of private corporations.”

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