DE Governor Carney’s Climate Action Plan Promotes False Solutions In Factory Farm Biogas


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Yesterday, Governor Carney released Delaware’s Climate Action Plan, outlining a roadmap for the state to prepare for climate change in the years to come.

Included in plans for how to reduce high global warming potential greenhouse gases, the Governor’s plan outlines a strategy to “increase renewable natural gas production and incentivize markets for its use as a fuel.” The plan goes further, identifying “renewable natural gas” as a clean energy source, despite its known threats to public health, climate and the environment.

In response, Food & Water Watch Delaware Organizer Greg Layton issued the following statement:

“Cutting climate warming emissions must begin at the pollution source — by banning the continued growth of the factory farm industry in Delaware. Factory farm biogas is a false climate solution that props up polluters. Methane refineries keep the factory farm industry solvent, and biogas provides a lifeline to fossil fuel infrastructure.

Factory farm biogas is neither a clean or renewable energy source and the methane gas refined from factory farmed animal waste does nothing to lower our greenhouse gas emissions. We have no time to waste on false climate solutions, peddled by polluting industry. Governor Carney must invest in real renewable energy in the form of wind and solar, and reject factory farm biogas operations as the scam they are.”

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