On Heels of IPCC Report, Research on VA Climate Impacts Should Raise Federal Alarm


Climate and Energy

For Immediate Release

A new report presented this week by the Virginia Academy of Science, Engineering and Medicine paints a dire picture of the climate impacts coastal Virginia communities can expect, should climate change continue unchecked. This, a mere week after the latest IPCC report was released, demonstrating a clear call to action for leaders worldwide on the urgent imperative to reduce greenhouse gas emissions as rapidly as possible to avoid climate catastrophe.

In response to the report release, Food & Water Watch Virginia Organizer Jolene Mafnas issued the following statement:

“While scientists sound the alarm on the crippling effects of the catastrophe we face, fossil fuel companies continue to pursue dirty infrastructure projects across Virginia. From the Mountain Valley Pipeline to the Chickahominy fracked gas plant and pipeline, our state is at risk of being locked into a fossil fuel future — at our peril. Virginia’s Congressional delegation must take advantage of the federal infrastructure bill moving forward in Congress to take action on climate. It’s time to stop fossil fuel subsidies, cutting off the lifeline that allows these projects to continue.”

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