Tampa City Council Adopts 100% Renewable Energy Resolution

Citywide renewable energy resolution is the first of its kind to pass since Florida’s statewide energy preemption bills passed into law earlier this year


Climate and Energy

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Tampa, FL — Today, the Tampa City Council voted 6-1 to adopt a renewable energy resolution that demonstrates the Council’s support for transitioning to 100% clean, renewable energy sources community-wide by 2035. The resolution is the first of its kind to move forward since Governor DeSantis signed statewide energy preemption bills into law this summer, hamstringing the ability of local governments to dictate their energy sourcing decisions.

Tampa’s resolution pledges support for 100% clean energy electrification by 2035, EV infrastructure, energy efficiency and other citywide endeavors to promote a just transition to a cleaner, more sustainable future.

Signifying Tampa’s true commitment to combating climate change and building a resilient city, the resolution goes farther, seeking to address the cause of climate-warming emissions at their start — by urging federal action from Tampa’s Representative Castor to end the extraction and use of fossil fuels federally. A major victory for clean energy advocates who saw the statewide energy preemption bills as an explicit attack on Tampa’s efforts to move off fossil fuels, the resolution reads:

“That the City Council of the City of Tampa urges the State of Florida and the Federal Government to enact and enforce bold state and federal level policies to end the extraction and use of fossil fuels, eliminate fossil fuel subsidies, and build out the transportation and energy infrastructure necessary for a one hundred percent clean, renewable energy transition.”

At a time when experts are clear that we must move off of fossil fuels to mitigate climate disaster, Tampa’s resolution leads the way in leveraging local power to drive real change at both the city and federal level.

“With today’s vote, Tampa adopted the boldest commitment to clean energy adoption that we’ve seen yet in Florida — all under the shadow of the state’s restrictive new preemption laws,” said Food & Water Watch Senior Florida Organizer Brooke Errett. “We saw in Tampa what happens when oil and gas industry lobbyists come to town — and we fought back. Now we are calling on our Representative Castor to fight back against those same interests in Congress. Rep. Castor, the full city of Tampa stands behind calls to end fossil fuels and fossil fuel subsidies.”

“This resolution says that even while Tallahassee is tying our hands, we are still going to move forward as a City,” said Tampa City Council Member Joseph Citro. “This resolution is a shared vision between the community, stakeholders and now Council. While we are sure to follow the new preemption laws, Council still supports clean energy, new good paying jobs, and a sustainable and Resilient Tampa.”

“Our Tampa City Council saved lives today. The climate crisis is causing unprecedented harm to the mental and physical health of our community,” said Dr. Lynn Ringenberg of Physicians for Social Responsibility. “Our children, the elderly, pregnant women, individuals with chronic health issues, minority communities and people living in poverty are bearing the brunt of the negative health effects. We applaud our elected officials for taking bold steps to help protect the health of our community. Moving rapidly to a clean, renewable energy future will protect public health now and for future generations.”

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