Cancellation of Controversial C4GT Fracked Gas Plant Is A Victory for Virginia

State agencies must now revoke all C4GT’s permits and close C4GT case file permanently

Published Jul 13, 2021


Climate and Energy

State agencies must now revoke all C4GT’s permits and close C4GT case file permanently

State agencies must now revoke all C4GT’s permits and close C4GT case file permanently

Charles City, VA — In response to breaking news Friday that NOVI Energy, the company behind the controversial C4GT fracked gas plant in Charles City, had cancelled their plans for the destructive project, activists renewed calls for state agencies to fully revoke permits for the failed project.

The company’s decision to withdraw from the project last week came on the heels of a FOIA request submitted by Food & Water Watch on behalf of the SAVE Coalition, which revealed that the DEQ had all necessary legal proof to revoke the company’s key air pollution permit to end the project.

In response, Food & Water Watch Virginia Organizer Jolene Mafnas issued the following statement:

“We are ecstatic that C4GT is cancelling its dangerous fracked gas plant, but not surprised.  This plant has been fiercely opposed for years and the last six months revealed substantial evidence that the project was out of step with the dire need to transition away from fossil fuel projects that harm communities, deepen environmental injustices, and contribute to climate change.

With NOVI Energy’s decision to withdraw from the failed C4GT gas project, Charles City residents and Virginians can celebrate a victory over a destructive, dirty and dangerous fossil fuel project. But make no mistake — the decision to withdraw was not done out of concern for public health or the environment. Corporations only make decisions based on their own bottom line, and it is the responsibility of Virginia’s agencies to ensure that Virginia’s residents are protected by holding companies to the law. That is why we are calling on DEQ and the SCC to immediately withdraw C4GT’s permits and shut down this project once and for all.

Furthermore, Governor Northam must direct his state agencies to reevaluate the permits given to the Chickahominy power plant also scheduled to be built in Charles City. The plant is riddled with issues similar to those found with the C4GT applications, and should be given full scrutiny. Rumors last week of plans to build a new pipeline that seems to be affiliated with the Chickahominy plant should give the administration pause and prompt the governor to fully evaluate the totality of the negative impacts from these massive fracked gas projects on the Virginians he represents.”

Contact: Phoebe Galt, [email protected]

Press Contact: Phoebe Galt [email protected]