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November 4th, 2009

American Water


American Water [thumb]

Corporate Profile

American Water is the largest publicly traded U.S. water utility company. American Water has come under fire from communities across the country for charging high rates, providing poor service, endangering public safety and lacking public accountability. 


Key Figures (2014)

Headquarters: Voorhees, N.J.

Population served: 15 million people

CEO: Susan Story (as of May 2014)

         CEO compensation: $2.6 million

Revenues: $3 billion

Net income: $423 million


More information


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History: A Failed German Conquest

German energy corporation RWE bought American Water in 2003 only to sell it off just a few years later. By the end of 2009, RWE had completely divested from American Water.

Leaked minutes from a RWE board meeting revealed that American Water had failed to meet any of its targets and that “considerable political resistance to privatization of the water sector” was a major factor in its failure to thrive.


Case Studies

American Water Alert

Check out American Water Alert, a website by the Utility Workers Union of America.

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Missouri: A victory for public water in O’Fallon

Illinois: Ongoing fight for public water in Urbana

New Jersey: Stopping privatization in Trenton

Pennsylvania: Stopping privatization in Knox

One Comment on American Water

  1. arthur says:

    check out how New York American Water is trying to rip off its customers. Besides erroneous billing, they sent out a letter soliciting customers to purchase insurance covering sewer connections from the home to the sewer main. They went on to mention a home on XYZ St where they made such a repair. However, this community is one with NO SEWER CONNECTIONS, all the homes utilize cesspools. Some would consider this mail FRAUD. Do you?