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Victory! Farm Bureau case challenging EPA’s right to share factory farm data dismissed. more wins »

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When I scan my Inbox each day, I single out emails from Food & Water Watch because they keep me up-to-date on back-room shenanigans that affect relevant issues that are of concern to me... like the food I buy in the grocery store! And when they ask me to do something, I do it.
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    Factory-Farmed Chicken

    Is your chicken safe to eat? Get the facts.

    Food Safety

    As reoccurring recalls and contamination uncover the serious issues with the way our food is managed, food safety regulation is an urgent dilemma that must be addressed.


    Wenonah Hauter’s book, Foodopoly: The Battle Over the Future of Food and Farming in America, examines the corporate consolidation and control over our food system, what it means for farmers and consumers and how it can be fixed. Publisher’s Weekly calls it “…a meticulously researched tour de force…”

    Factory Farms

    Factory farms, where tens of thousands of animals are raised in crowded facilities, have become widespread. The giant quantities of manure they produce can lead to tainted water and severe air pollution.

    Farm Bill

    We have an important opportunity approaching. The Farm Bill is up for reauthorization in 2012, and if we can implement certain changes, we can create a healthy food system for everyone.

    Genetically Engineered Foods

    Genetically modified foods are often untested, frequently require dangerous chemicals in their farming, and may be a threat to organic foods and to the environment. Help us stop them.

    The Case Against Perdue

    Two years ago environmentalists represented by an attorney now with Food & Water Watch brought a Clean Water Act case against Perdue and one of its contract poultry operations for polluting waterways that empty out into the threatened Chesapeake Bay.

    Radiation Impacts

    The full impact of the Japanese nuclear crisis remains to be seen, but the health risks posed by radioactive contamination are well documented. A major avenue for exposure is through food and water.

    Consumer Labels

    The long-awaited rule requiring mandatory country-of-origin labeling (COOL) for food went into effect recently. We have been fighting for years to get this information into consumers hands. So can we relax now? Unfortunately, no.

    Global Grocer

    Food & Water Watch helps consumers learn where their food comes from with Global Grocer. Find out the top exporters for your favorite fruits and vegetables.