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Smart Seafood Guide

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Whether it’s from the Gulf or the Pacific, New England or the South, get smart about the seafood you’re eating.

Food & Water Watch has analyzed over 100 different fish and shellfish to create the only guide assessing not only the human health and environmental impacts of eating certain seafood, but also the socio-economic impacts on coastal and fishing communities.

The Seafood Guide addresses the following questions, which we encourage you to ask before making a seafood purchase:

  • Is it caught or farmed locally?
  • How is this fish caught?
  • How is this fish farmed?
  • Is this seafood associated with any contaminants?

Our guide also recommends safer, more sustainable options based on your personal tastes and priorities. Print out the card version, which can fit in your wallet, to always have these valuable tips on hand when you’re shopping.

Understanding the Smart Seafood Guide

Read Understanding the Smart Seafood Guide online.


Mercury and PCB contaminant information for the Smart Seafood Guide is drawn from Environmental Defense Fund’s Health Alert List. Environmental Defense calculates health advisories based on government databases and scientific studies. Read more.

* Disclaimer

These recommendations are intended as a general reference. They are not intended to provide specific medical advice, supplant any government warnings or otherwise prevent exposure to any health hazards associated with seafood. People should always follow proper acquisition, handling and cooking procedures of any seafood they prepare or consume.