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Victory! Farm Bureau case challenging EPA’s right to share factory farm data dismissed. more wins »

New Press Releases

April 1, 2015

Press Releases : California Gov. Brown’s drought mandate lets Big Ag & Big Oil off the hook

"It is disappointing that Governor Brown’s executive order to reduce California water use does not address the state's most egregious corporate water abuses. In the midst of a severe drought, the Governor continues to allow corporate farms and oil interests to deplete and pollute our precious groundwater resources that are crucial for saving water.  

Press Releases : Two-Year Fracking Moratorium Progresses in Maryland Legislature

We are very encouraged that the legislature is beginning to acknowledge the will of Marylanders to keep fracking out of the state. The moratorium bill now before the State Senate would indeed guarantee that no fracking happens for at least two years.

March 27, 2015

Press Releases : Obama’s Antibiotic Plan Fails to Address Overuse on Factory Farms

Today the White House released its ‘National Action Plan for Combating Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria,’ which is intended to protect the public from antibiotic resistant infections. Unfortunately, the plan falls short the plan falls short of protecting the public from this looming public health crisis in that it fails to adequately address the misuse of antibiotics on factory farms, relying on FDA’s limited efforts to change practices through voluntary guidance.

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New Reports

April 1, 2015

Reports : End to Arsenic in Animal Drugs Long Overdue

Media statement: “The Food and Drug Administration announced today that Zoetis will suspend sales of Nitarsone, the last arsenic-based drug used in food animal production, by the fall and that the company will request that the FDA withdraw the drug’s approval by the end of the year."

New Blogs

Blogs : Antibiotic Resistance: Why Senator Michael Bennet is on the Wrong Path

It soon became clear that the antibiotics weren’t working. The infection spread. “Somewhere during the medical melee,” said Jeremy, “a professional conveyed that if they [antibiotics] couldn’t beat the infection, it could mean the loss of my leg. Meaning amputation. It was also conveyed that if it got into my blood stream, then I could die.”

March 30, 2015

Blogs : Detroiters Need an Income-Based Approach to Water Bills

When tens of thousands of people cannot afford utility rates in a region with large income disparities, it is obvious that an income-based approach to water is the only equitable solution.

March 27, 2015

Blogs : Leaked Documents Underscore How TPP Will Provide Special Rights for Corporations

Are you working on state legislation to label genetically modified foods? Or are you working to pass a local ban on fracking? If you are, you’ll want to know what the Trans-Pacific Parternship (TPP) has in store for you, according to recently uncovered documents.

March 26, 2015

Blogs : Fracking Company Sues for Access to Ohio Town’s Water

Yesterday, the Oklahoma-based Gulfport Energy sued Barnesville, Ohio to bully them into allowing continued withdrawals from the Slope Creek Reservoir.