Systemic Racism and Violence Are No Accident


In the wake of the murder of Daunte Wright, people across the country have once again come together to stand against systemic racism and institutionalized murder. The continued tide of institutional violence is no “accident” – it never has been. It’s the direct result of massive, long-standing systemic failure. 

All people of conscience must continue to state loudly and unequivocally: Black lives matter. We stand with the Black Lives Matter Movement and against racism and violence. We stand for the right of people to peacefully organize and protest. We demand justice – as much as justice can be truly achieved – for Daunte Wright and all people of color who have been brutalized and murdered. 

We also continue to demand justice for communities of color across the United States that have been subject to institutionalized inequality that has come in so many forms, from the effects of militarized policing, the disproportionate burden of pollution from the oil and gas industry and corporate agriculture, to the effects of climate change which are magnified in communities of color. 

At Food & Water Watch, we focus our work where we know we can make a real-world difference. We fight for clean water, safe food and a livable climate. But more than that, we work to help people across the country to organize to reclaim power. We know that our democracy and institutions have been corrupted and compromised by powerful corporations who control the levers of government power. At our core, we fight for justice for all, human dignity and economic fairness.

People across the country are standing up and we stand with them. To create a safe, just and equitable future, we must stand up for the dignity of Black and Brown people now.