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Much movement in the right direction is thanks to groups like Food and Water Watch and American Farmland Trust. (in No Turkeys Here)
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    Take Back the Tap

    Not only is bottled water not safer than tap water and way more expensive, it also creates mountains of garbage. Bottled water companies also mislead communities into giving away their public water in exchange for dangerous jobs. And with declining bottled water sales in the US, people in developing countries are being targeted to make up for lost revenue.

    Ban Fracking

    Some energy analysts are predicting that natural gas will be the fuel of the future if advances in drilling technology allow drillers to tap into domestic shale rock formations on a large scale. But because of the impacts that the technology can have on water, natural gas could become our next energy disaster.

    Make GE Labels the Law!

    Genetically engineered (GE) foods are untested, unlabeled, and potentially unsafe. A majority of processed foods include GE ingredients, which have not been tested for long-term impacts on human health and environmental safety. Check out our GE labeling campaign to educate yourself and fight for your right to know what’s in your food and decide for yourself whether or not to consume GE foods.

    Stop Genetically Engineered Salmon

    The biotechnology industry has genetically engineered a fish that grows at twice the normal rate, so it can get to market sooner and make more money, faster. If approved, GE salmon would be the first “transgenic” animal allowed into our food supply. It’s also unlikely that it would have to be labeled, so you might not even know you’re eating it.

    Fair Farm Bill

    We have an important opportunity approaching. The Farm Bill is up for reauthorization in 2012, and if we can implement certain changes, we can create a healthy food system for everyone.

    Stop Factory Fish Farming

    Many fish-lovers would be horrified to learn that huge quantities of fish and shrimp are now being grown in giant nets, cages, and ponds where antibiotics, hormones and pesticides mingle with disease and waste. These industrialized aquaculture facilities are rapidly replacing natural methods of fishing that have been used to catch fresh, wild seafood for millennia.

    California: Stop the Corporate Water Grab

    Big agriculture corporations have bought out the California legislature to place an $11.14 billion water bond measure on the November ballot that benefits large corporate interests, not Californians, while paving the way for the construction of a massive tunnel to divert the Sacramento River to the southwestern Central Valley.